Thursday, August 6, 2009

Logged on today to do a quick update.
Gunpla WIP's (Work in Progress)
Exia R2- Its basically done I just need to do a bit more detailing.
0 Gundam - Still in the box
Strike Freedom - Still in the box

0 Gundam and Mg Strike Freedom are going to be done I just need to get some RL things out the way. I also need to hit up GSAM and get some action base's for Exia and 0 Gundam.

I have been playing some new games lately MvC2 is so sweet. I just started Bioshock and man I wish I played this game earlier. It's not as scary as I thought it was, its actually a really good story so far. I started playing GI Joe which has its flaws but is really fun. I also started thinking from now on unless the game is like super easy with achivements I'm going to play it on the hardest I can. I usually play on normal but I have been getting more fun out of games that I play on hard. I am playing Bioshock on hard not just for the achivements but well it seems more fun :-)

100 Cool points to Mr.Bubbles

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