Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a slight interuption

Ok so last week I took the family to Wildwood NJ and had so much fun. I did a little tape on the beach looking for gundams etc lol There is actually a toy store on the other end of the pier and I went there they have lots of Marvel Comic stuff collectors stuff figured I would go look to see if there was any Gundams and the store was closed when I got there (Pwned) So nothing there Sunday I went out to eat with the Familiy and my mom and grandma so Sunday was occupied. Yesterday I had to work late so yea thats gone. So when I got home I was tired and ended up playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I love that game so much, I cleared Official mode with 1 char now I'm going through Mission mode Shinn Asuka and Destiny Gundam are a beast I think I'm gonna max out the Suit/Pilot first game is mad fun if you like Dynasty Warriors games. So in short I haven't had time to touch my Gundams. I will try to set aside some time though. ^_^

PS Wolverine this weekend!!!!1one

Friday, April 24, 2009

0 Raiser Mini Review

Ok first of all this guy is far from being done as far as panel lines but the paint job is nice and matches my 00 which ill try to post some pics afterwards.
The kit was easy to put together alot of small parts but definitely worth it. I might have to get used to the weight on the GN Drives and make some nice poses but heres 00 Raiser:
Makes the kit look alot better I really love it ^_^ Definitely must buy

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Man I was on a roll last night. I had some free time and I got a bit more lighting in my video area and I just started recording like crazy I made like 6 new videos for youtube check em out!

I just finished a slide show review on 0 Raiser and 00 Raiser so that will be up in a couple minutes. I also took tons of pictures (same I used in video slide show) and I will be making a 0 Raiser post in a couple minutes with high res pictures.

Hopefully tonite I can start 1/100 Arios and knock that out by this weekend. I have been really thinking about buying Seravee and Cherudim I think if I can't grab my MG's at Otakon if they have Seravee and Cherudim I'll nab those instead and probally order 1 MG offline but I dunno we will see.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anime Mini Review - Sengoku BASARA

First of all this is based off of Devil Kings game made by CAPCOM. Great game that I never played. And so far the first two episodes are nice and action packed kinda reminds me of Gurren Lagann. Art is nice and I like where its set. But I will give you 4 reasons to watch this anime.
1. A Guy on a horse with exhusts on the horse...
2. Ninjas
3. Insane Action
4. Photobucket
Date he uses 6 katana swords like wolverine sometimes he uses 1 but then switches to all six (ancient chiense secret?) and is more powerful.

So far I only saw 2 episodes and im hooked if they keep up the action and pretty good store and epic fights it will be a great series. Story is pretty good just basic conquest of the world thing, kinda like every Dynasty warrior type game. But I'm just amped up to see the fights and the strategy it has some nice comedy in it as well.

Update WIP Status

Ok so we I have a couple of updates on my projects just to keep you guys updated.

0 Raiser

Spray painted the whole kit even though its only like 5 runners and most of everything connects to each other so it was pretty easy. I wanted it to look perfect so I let it dry over night lol. Metallic blue/Matte White (like i did with 00) and Gun Metal. I have to re spray one of the blue pieces mainly the one that comes out of the wings parts. I have to spray the back of that and ill be done ill probally do that when I get home.
White parts are find so are the GunMetal parts so cool beans there. I would also like to paint the two holes (laser holes?) Chrome silver and I'm thinking of painting the cockpit chrome silver but its gunmetal already and its going to be behind 00 so it might not even matter. Then I'll be done and I'll take some pictures of it in MSA mode then attach to 00 Raiser. Hmmm actually I'll panel line 0 Raiser and 00 first.
It was raining pretty bad last night so I just painted and then went to bed I'll try to take a ton of pictures tonite if time permits.

Red Astray

I feel like I'm coming to the end of making all my kits and after Blue Astray and Arios is finished I'm going to take a break until either Otakon or when 1/144 0 Gundam comes out and just finish up some touch ups on my other kits. Almost all of them need panel lining or extra paint seeing how I didn't have it at sometimes. Which brings me to the heading Astray, even though I painted him he has no panel lining so I started on his legs and I'm going through the manual to see what other colors aren't there. I noticed that on the leg at the bottom there is color missing so I'll try to pick up some metallic red to do touch ups. And I also never got around to painting the sword so I'm also doing that with the gold testors paint and some red paint as well.

Blue Astray and Arios are next on my to-do list so hopefully 0 Raiser gets finished tonite and then sometime this week/end I will start on Arios. I think ill do Arios first because I'm not planing doing any major painting on him. And after those two kits are finished I will just go back and do extra panel lining and painting and then I'll take some more pictures.

Another little tidbit is that I'm planning on making like Icon's or something for each of my kits so when you click on them on the side bar it will take you to a Gallery and full text review on the kits something like dalong's site but in english maybe not that descriptive I'm not trying to take anyones place lol but just info that I thought was helpful for myself or at least info that I found out after getting the kit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HG 1/144 Gadessa

I don't have alot of time but I been saying I wanted to post up some pics of my Gadessa and a mini review so I'll do my best and edit later. As you all know this is my first HG kit and I must say I am 100% satisfied. With the stand on its almost the same size of my 1/100 NG Astray. Really nice kit definitely a must buy if you like the enemy's suits.
I put the stickers on the left of the shoulder and I wasn't digging it. They looked really sloppy but w/e I just didn't put anymore on. I dunno if my Sticker-Foo is weak or what but its just not working. Same with the legs I didn't put the stickers on there either. No panel lining stickers on head and face (only good stickers I can do) I will try to panel line the kit sometime in the near future alot of my kits need panel lining. But overall I'm definitely buying a couple more 1/144's. Here are some more pics:

Another reason why I brought this kit was for the stand which is pretty nice. I didn't get around to painting the Gun but I probally will never pose it with the gun. I want to get a nice flying pose but we will see what I will do next. Next part though will be panel lining and posing. Stay tuned for the youtube review!

Next Kit: 0 Raiser & 00 Raiser

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Boo Boo but you can call me 50

I'm a Stormy Night you a rainbow.

Why did I post that maybe cause I could ^_^

G G G G gudam! See what I did thar?

Ok so I have some good news and bad news.

Good news I finished my 1/144 Gadessa and while on the stand still seems a bit big. As its my first 1/144 I am really happy and I think I will maybe buy some more 1/144's. I (hopefully) will be starting 0 Raiser today I want it to match 00 Gundam so I am spraying the blue parts Metallic Blue and maybe spraying the white parts Matte White like I did the first time with 00 Gundam. I took tons of pictures a full 360 and I would love to do a video review if I have time tonite.

Bad news. Its raining and really windy where I am so I dunno if I can get the spray painting done today. I might have a high chance of doing it in the hallway and just keeping the doors open but I dunno we will see. Although I took tons of pictures I left the camera at home somehow lol I swore I had it before I left for work. Anywho I'll try to get my wife to come and bring it by if shes not busy and bring the kids to eat at lunch.

Other than that after building Gadessa I might want Garazzo I dunno. Funny thing is when my nephew came over this weekend and saw my Gadessa he was like omg you have Jehuty. I was thrown like a good 9 years back and I was like omg I swore nobody played that game but me. What game? Zone of the Enders another great game made by Hideo Kajima aka Metal Gear Solid maker. Ah I miss Zone of the Enders almost made me impulse buy a ps2 seeing how my ps3 isn't backwards compat >_<

Now time to search for a Jehuty model kit :-)

On another note Tuesday April 21st Gundam Dynasty Warriors 2 Comes out I can't wait I hear that the pal version was released early darn u pirates >_< Wish it was NTSC ^_^

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Babble

Ok so I went to my HobbyTown store picked up some Testors Flat yellow and Flat Red and Metallic Blue Tamiya paint for my upcoming projects. I swear my last can is on its last sprays and I don't wanna get played when its gone and I'm like Nooooooo! as I can't finish my spray paint job. I also picked up some Tamiya Brushes mainly for the really really shin small brush for getting in those hard to reach spots. I'm still commited to doing the best looking cheap job I can on my gunpla, but some jobs just require some more tools. I could have done alot of kits better if I had some better tools. Sometime today or tommorrow I want to head the the beauty store. I heard that they have some nail file that never gets dull and I want to use that as my new file for filing down my nubs.
I was just thinking if 0 Gundam comes out before Otakon I might order that along with Figma Saber dunno yet though I haven't seen anything yet as far as new releases for Gundam. Its going to be crazy now that 00 has ended, hopefully alot of new kits will be released soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Package... No Pics

I try to keep the blog filled with pictures but today I'm kinda busy at work. I have good news though my package from Hobby Wave came today and it looked like a small box but it had everything packed into it. At first I was going to wait before I opened it but I just had to look lol. Opened the box and bam I these were in there:

1/100 Blue Astray
1/100 0 Raiser (was in a small box I know the 0 Raiser is small lets hope its not the 1/144)
2 Gundam Markers Metallic Blue and Grey
Action Base Sparkle Green

W00t nice little haul there.
So now I gotta choose what to build next I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of

1/144 Gadessa
1/100 0 Raiser
1/100 Blue Astray
1/100 Arios
Action Base ^_^

lol I got the action base for Arios so i'll do those last and I put 0 Raiser and Blue Astray together because they both are getting a spray paint job done on them. Going back ill do Gadessa first just because im not really painting that much on it. And Arios is last I really want to find some paint or something to make it look good. I might grab the cheaper testors orange paint and use that. We will see :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

SD Destiny Mini Review PT2

When I first started doing gunpla I was doing it in the mind frame of trying to do cheap and cool tricks to make your gunpla look good with out alot of money. I thought to call myself and my blog PoorMansGunpla. Well didn't really take off but I tried to stay true and do things cheaply. I wasn't going to be concerned with paint but after making my SD Destiny I won't do anything but paint from now on. It just looks better and what your mind comes up with it actually happens in real life with paint. I'm gonna take this time to explain what I mean before I go on with the review. First of all I painted the AS Sword light blue to match my Mg. I took the tip from Ngee Khiong and used my Destiny Gundam Marker, worst decision made in 2009. Not only did it drip and leave beind kind of a brown lining around it just didnt do well. Maybe I didnt shake it enough or something please tell me if it was my fault. After at least 10 layers of GMarker I just let it dry and I figure ill buy some light blue paint later if it bothers me that much. The chest did a bit better but it had its moments. I started painting the wings with black gundam marker (its not the paint one) I think it was suppose to be just for panel lining but man it was kinda thick anywho painted the wings and it looked terrible it whiped off I tried sharpie same thing I had to wash the wings to get the ink off. So after that I got pissed next day went to HobbyTown USA gripped the paints I needed. From now on I'm never using a gundam marker for replacing a color I.E if it needs to be yellow and the part is blue ill go grab a small bottle of Tamiya or Testors and color with that.

Ok onward to the review:
I took GundamUber's advice and painted the shield clear blue and got it to look like the real shield which came out really nice. It has some streaks but ill fix that later. I only painted the side and the front I didnt paint the yellow jewel just yet. Painted the Hand chrome silver and the other hand which holds the AS Sword gunmetal. I painted the chest and AS Sword with light blue gundam marker.... I so advise not doing that. I will paint the vents on the chest gunmetal later forgot about it just noticed lol Used stickers on the camera and eyes I think thats all I did as far as stickers. Painted the wings gunmetal too. Pretty good kit lots of gimmicks I will say though the WOL (wings of light) are so big he kinda leans forward so im gonna wait till I get a SD Action Base (black) to pose him next to his big bro Mg Destiny. I would definitely recommend the kit I like Shinn Asuka and his MS's so next one for me is Force Impulse and SD Force Impulse.

Here are some more pics

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SD Destiny Mini Review PT 1

Ok so after tumbling around with my kids last night I finally got some time to start up on my SD Destiny. I made a unboxing video that you can take a look at on my youtube page(link to the left as well as the video to the left) And I took some pictures before after I painted. I'm planing on trying to make this look as much as like my Mg as possible. I won't be spray painting but I will be making all the colors true to the actual box picture. There were alot of parts not colored here's a list:

Skirt Armor
Sword (A.S.S)
Red part on the back pack gun
The Gun
Vulcan/Machine Guns on face
Chest and Colar

So I will be doing alot of painting. First off was the head.
All I did here was paint the machine guns chrome silver on the side and I panel lined in his face a bit.
Then I did the Anti Ship Sword, which came put pretty nice I keep seeing some kinda brown in the paint maybe after it drys ill do another coat. It was getting really sloppy after awhile but it came out pretty good. I used Gundam Seed Destiny Marker Light Blue.
Hands came white I was shaking my head like man alot of painting but the more you do it the more fun it becomes. I painted both hands silver like my MG to match. I think im going to try and find a black SD Stand so he can be flying etc just like the MG.
Panel lined the other parts of the wings I usually don't panel line feet but I was in a panel lining frenzy so I did. I don't have pics of the top of the wings but I tried painting them with gundam marker and it so didnt work. Was mad swipe lines etc so I tried with a Sharpie omg so not the right decision I got it to look all black but it looks terrible its like little pieces of something maybe the plastic peeled? I dunno but anyway I'm gonna either try sanding it down or just leaving it alone and paint the rest dark black or gunmetal. I'll have to buy the little bottle of gunmetal or black later on today if I get a chance.

But other than that Kit is nice I will figure out how to address the wing issue I got alot of painting to do. Some of the kit will be half done only because I don't have any grey gundam marker yet. I will buy a regular set later on hopefully at Otakon^_^ When I went to Katsucon there was 0 Gundam Markers so im going to Otakon thinking they don't have them will be a plus if they do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Swallow Sadness

I haven't had any contact from Hobbywave maybe I deleted the e-mail and didn't notice w/e so i go to hobbywave.com and the tracking number is up from fedex I get all happy and click the tracking number and find the EST for when it suppose to get here and it says April 14, 2009. So there you go I thought it would be here alot sooner but I guess I got pwned oh well.

I might start on SD Destiny but I got alot of stuff going on this week, And after looking at some reviews on SD Destiny I really want to take my time and paint him the colors he should be. So I might start on the weapons or something im not sure.

I need to pick up something that can hold my pieces while I paint kinda like clips I see being used on Ngee Khiong's blog. So I might go look for some of those when I get a chance.

Other than that I'm just saving up my money I don't really forsee me using anymore than 200-300 at otakon and thats with buying like 2 MG's if they have Strike Freedom. Speaking of Otakon I have to register sometime this week for my weekend pass so I will keep you guys updated on that.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Madness

Ok so I finally got time to order my "last order" until Otakon. And I tried waiting for Gundam Store and More to update there site but man they are taking forever. They loosing mad cool points with me for not having there stuff updated and together.They were suppose to get a shippment in and its not updated on the site. And they have this 2-3 day processing which was kinda getting on my nerves as well. I will still keep them in mind when I buy my gunpla but for now I just have been using different company's to try them out.

First store was Anime King. A ebay store, when I contacted them about bulk orders they said if I emailed them they would send me a paypal invoice and then send me the items on the invoice. There pricing is pretty good 1 or 2 dollars more than GSAM and they are located in CA which for me the shipping was kinda fast but not as fast as GSAM AFTER the 2-3 day processing.

Second store I tried was Hobby Wave which has its points system, where you buy stuff they give you points etc for your next transaction. Hobby Wave is known for its 10 dollar flat rate shipping for anything 1 gundam 10 dollars 100 gundams shipping is still 10 dollars. One thing I hate about Hobby Wave is that fact that its store website isn't updated with pictures for everything, and it has alot of popular things out of stock. Just to let u guys know I would have brought any of the above MG's if they had them in stock >_<.

So what did I end up ordering?
HG 1/100 O-Raiser
Gundam Marker Metallic Gundam Blue
Gundam Marker Gundam Gray
Action Base 1/100 Sparkle Clear Green
HG 1/100 Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L

I'm hoping that GM Metallic Blue marker matches my Tamiya Metallic Blue Spray paint if it does it will speed up the process of my blue runner parts :-) 0-Raiser I wasnt going to get but
with the season 2 ending I kinda wanted to see my current 00 current lol With the Raiser system. GM Gray well I need that period lol. Action base is for Arios and I got Blue Frame just because I had to get something else, with 10 dollar shipping I kinda felt cheated just buy grabbing a bunch of stuff that could of has less shipping. So I looked for a cheaper model I kinda didnt want a another SD until I got the big brother version of it. I don't know what ill do with my Raiser-less 00 if anyone wants to buy it lol 5 dollars + shipping ^_^

So as of right now I have a pretty extensive WIP.
Arios 1/100
SD Destiny
Gadessa 1/144
0 Raiser 1/100
Astray Blue Frame 1/100

Friday, April 3, 2009

Added somethings

Added a message box for everyone on the right hand side and my zune.net card.
Hope everyone uses the chat box. After looking at Ngee's Site I decided to sign up for
the chat box I will see how much its used to see if it stays or not.

I really enjoyed looking at his build for SD Destiny and I think I will definitely go that route to clean it up and paint it. I will be definitely purchasing some more Gundam Markers :-) I can't find any reviews for Arios except for Dalong's anyone ever have custom or painted Arios Gundam reviews?

I went to my local hobby town and they didn't have any Metallic Orange and it seems that its not made lol I would buy orange but I don't see myself painting anymore gundams that color anytime soon even if I brought that Orange Gouf.

Oh well back to the drawing board. Going to try and finish up Fate/Stay Night and start up on Hitman Reborn again. Both are great anime's btw.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Updated Poll

Ok so I just updated my poll at the top of the site. Last poll the two kits that won were SD Destiny and Arios. Which arrived yesterday. I will be putting those together soon.

Next poll which I admit has a big time frame because I want to save my money for Otakon in July. So my last purchase will be some supplies and 0 Raiser for my 00 gundam. Anywho here are the MG's I will try to get at Otakon (If they have them) If they don't then they don't lol.

Strike Freedom
God Gundam
Force Impulse
Wing Zero Custom

I think those are the only ones I want as far as Master Grades go. If they don't have them hopefully they will have some other things I can buy. I can't wait till I go though, now vote and who ever wins I will prioritize grabbing so you can see a finished product.

Love and Peace Out!

HCM Pro Bandi Arios+GN Archer 1/200

Great Kit really I won it on ebay for 20 bucks. It came with 2 stands Arios 1/200 and GN Archer 1/200
I left Archer off Arios because I initially only wanted this kit for my son but Arios is really nice Archer is nice in MA mode but you can't change her into MS mode
shes permantly stuck all bunched up. So Ill keep Archer on the stand and take Arios off when my son wants to play with it. It came with two beam sabers
extra pair of open hands and the gun. Arios transforms into MA mode nicely too. Nicely painted you can tell it was painted on the runners. Oh I forgot to tell yo guys
Arios came pre assembled but Archer I had to put together kinda like a higher level of design for a gashapon. Love the kit and my son will too if anything I can leave it on my
shelf to show the MA mode of Arios.
I will make a youtube review probally Sat.

Oh and one more thing I see the kit goes for 40-50 with out shipping. Which IMO is a total rip off unless you don't want to build the reagular kits. If you build kits you probally better off grabbing
the 1/144 Arios and GN Archer for probally alot less and more poses etc. I only got this for my son and because it was 20 bucks bid started at 99 cent.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will upload High Res Photos Tommorrow

It has arrived!

w00t wife just called and said my monitor and both my boxes came in pretty fast shipping will post pics when I get home ^_^

Avalanche Exia & Update

Ok so I was really busy last night and I'll probally be even more busy tonite and tommorrow so if anything I figured I would take a couple pictures of Avalanche Exia and a quick summary of the kit.
I had to steal the Action Base from Astrea. The Kit was so back heavy it stood up but after fiddling with it it would do a man split and we all know thats not good lol.
Astrea doing the I look too cool to care pose. He's doing really good standing up I think ill rearange my kits though when I get a chance with like everything from the same series in one spot.

Just a quick update though.
I tracked both my shipments and they should be here today. I got 3 packages coming.
My Dual Screen Setup at my house had a monitor fail. So Dell Sent me a new one.
I ordered one of these
Bandai Arios GN-007 Plus GNR-101A Gundam Figure for my son.
I don't think its HCM Pro but w/e
Took the picture off the ebay page

And Last but not least my order from AnimeKing should be here as well which is:
SD Destiny Gundam
1/100 Arios
1/144 Gadessa

W00t! And hopefully if GSAM updates there store this friday I will be ordering a 1/100
0 Raiser for my 00 gundam and some more stands. Then I'm going to try and register for Otakon and save save save