Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok so I been really really busy and I was faced with a choice to do 1 of 2 things.
Either keep updating my youtube/blog and have less time building gunpla.
Or Build Gunpla and have less time updating....

lol we know which one I picked.

I'm working on Mg Exia I just cut out almost all the parts for the inner frame, and de nubbed them. I also cut out some of the blue areas as well and I will start painting them sometime this week.
Exia has alot of inner parts so thats whats kinda taking awhile. I picked up some more Gunmetal and got some Light gunmetal for the swords etc.

I might have gotten my wife to hook me up with a airbrush kit since she does Specialty cakes and wants us to start using it to hook up the cakes :-) so soon as I work that out ill probally be air brushing soon.

If not May then June I will be getting the Kshatriya Conversion kit. I emailed the company and they explained that its a different type of resin I probally won't need to do anything to it and it snaps right onto the kit so if anything I might need some glue but I probally won't. So I think after MG Exia I'm gonna do Reborns. And hopefully knock out Master Asia waiting for the Conversion kit. This Sat I'm going to be ordering my Tickets for Otakon too so here is a quick list of Otakon wants gunpla wise:

MG Sinanju
MG Unicorn Regular or OVA (depending on price)
MG Unicorn MS + Cage
HG Unicorn Destroy Mode
SD Unicorn

I think thats all I really want lol I'm all unicorn crazy. I won't get all of them at Otakon but I might get 2 unicorns MG's depending on price. Maybe do Banshee Conversion? And I don't think ill be doing any more kits for awhile until all of those are finished. Oh and I keep forgetting I have 1/60 Force Impulse which I want to order some more decals for. So my last couple of projects I want to really fix them up nicely. Then I want to go over my older kits and apply decals or fix paint etc. So Stay tuned!!!

Quick Edit:
I put the poll up there because atm I am really digging MG's and when I started I wasn't too confident so I have a couple NG 1/100's I would like to spruce up and clean etc and sell so I have a reason to buy there MG Counter parts. Like NG Blue & Red Astray probally my NG 00 seeing how I read somewhere they might be making a MG 00 Raiser. So if I get enough votes then I will start up somewhere I can sell my kits for the sole purpose of buying there Mg counterparts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing to see here

No pics No kits started nothing really going on.
Hopefully Sometime this week I can start on Exia. I kinda been stumped on how I want it to look but I should start soon.
Still no MG Unicorn OVA with Cage anywhere that I want to order from.

I plan on buying this though :

Anyone have any experience with SAGE products or this store? Seems pretty cool though.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm so in a rush these days don't have time to come up with whitty Title updates lol
New Things!!!!
I got the Unicorn Gundam OVA Ep 1 Blu-Ray in the mail earlier in the week:
I never watched it on my big screen or in english, before I saw it jap/eng subs and on my computer monitor. I saw it and it was great but on Blu-Ray OMG it was so good. The fight scenes were top notch. I can't wait for EP 2 suppose to be Sinanju and Unicorn ^_^ If u have a Blu-Ray player and u love gundam get this NOW!

Next Order of buisness my super secret package from GSAM came in and i got:
1/144 HGUC Kshatriya
HG Unit 00 Eva
1 Clear Action Base

W00t I have so may plans for Kshatriya, First of all I want to get the conversion kit, and I need to get some custom greens for the kit as well. So Its probally gonna be awhile before I can start/finish the kit. Don't plan on seeing it any time soon. I will be working on exia next I havent started but hopefully Sunday/Monday I can start cutting out things.

So stay tuned!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam RX-0 Unicorn Mode

I kinda like saying the above better than saying Gundam Unicorn Unicorn Mode lol anywho here's what I did so far:
The Flash was killin some of the pictures so forgive me
Metallic Blue on the Blue parts >_<
GunMetal on all the Grey parts!
Silver tubing
Gotta Clean up the black stripe in the middle
Chrome Saber holders and Thrusters
The shield is metallic blue but the flash made it look lighter than it is. I painted the inside of the shield Gunmetal to
match the scheme came out pretty good. Used a Metallic Blue Gundam Marker
Size wise hes kinda up there with Mg God Gundam

So Far I am really loving the kit. I kinda told myself I wouldnt buy anymore 1/144 kits but this just makes me second think that. And I hopefully can score a SD Unicorn and re think SD kits too lol


Ok for some reason the stupid Youtube won't process my Mt2S files anymore?
So I'm working on converting the files and then I will update my youtube.
I didnt Know that it wasnt working until like yesterday when I was out and
I checked my youtube on my DROID and it had the error message. So in the meantime
I will show some pics of my progress Its like 90% done. I have to finish detailing
the Bazooka and Clip holders and I have to buy some decals but atm I won't be
buying any decals until maybe May.Once I finish up the Bazooka I think I'm gonna just
leave it as is and not coat it. I was going to do a panel line wash but the kit
looks really excellent without the lines. You tell me once I post the pictures.

Oh and I got somethings coming in the mail. I told some people so those people
don't tell anyone lol I will make it a surprise :-)

Oh and I think once I finish up Unicorn I'm gonna start on Exia!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I some how forgot to do a unboxing of my 1/60 dunno how that happen >_> lol

I just gripped some Gun Metal that I want to use for Mg Exia/Unicorn/Force Impulse
I probally will have to buy some more soon, they only had 1 at Hobby Town :-(

And I also noticed I forgot to upload the pics and share on my blog my Revoltech Black Getter Robo, so
I just uploaded the pics and ill do a quick wrtten review with pics soon.

I been really busy with the family and its pretty hot here so I been out and about. Hopefully I can squeeze in sometime
to do my kits. Also the weather is so good for spray painting. I still need to get all of my supplies together before I
start building though. So I think I just need another can of Gun Metal and some Chrome Silver Spray paint and some Gloss Top coat
spray paint.

I still havent brought any kits or anything because I really want to buy it from GSAM or Hobbywave so im just being patient before
I buy the kits and supplies. And its not like I don't already have like 5 kits to build. Oh and I also need to order some Decals from
Samuel Decal for Force Impulse and probally HG Rx-0 so depending on how things go I might order those soon.

I'm also considering how to do panel line washing so I'm gonna get the supplies for that too and test it out on my HG's hehe

Monday, April 5, 2010

HeroMan Ep 1

Ok I don't have the actual episode on my computer at work although ill try to get more shots later but w/e.
First of all I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Mecha. So if you slap a robot in it and some cool fight scenes and a decent story (sometimes not even a good story) I'll watch it just for the cool robots. Well this time I peeked at Heroman.

Now first of all this anime was made by Bones & Stan Lee. You can even see him in the anime! lol. The story seems a bit cliche but still good. Young man seems like a failure (he's not as sappy as lets say Shinji or Simeon from GL Season 1 lol) then he gets a robot and fights aliens lol I will sum it up that way just because I urge you to watch at least ep 1.

Next episode I think we will see more fighting. I love the animation of the series so far. HeroMan looks pretty cool and the characters look good hopefully this turns out to be a pretty good series, and hopefully It won't hurt my pockets buying the merchandise ^_^

Friday, April 2, 2010

MG G Gundam Finished !

So here is my long over due brief look at Mg God Gundam
Fantastic Poses which is like a number 1 in my book. The kit is nicely made as far as the nuts and bolts u have to put in the frame.
I kinda wish all MG's were like this lol
Unfortunely I sprayed the top coat matte and forgot to take the hands off so they kinda look ashy but I'm pretty sure I can fix that
with some Tamiya Clear Red or Orange

Great kit I think im gonna try and get the Shining Gundam and I can't wait to start on Master Gundam. !


I made a couple new Videos and Pictures and such will be updating the blog/vlog shortly ^_^