Monday, November 30, 2009

HTC Passion

1ghz processsor running Android Phone.. on Verizon Wireless... Will be mine. end of post

Update Tizzle

Ok I really hate updating my blog without some sort of picture so here is a totally not perfect pic
w00t 0 Gundam I know I know, I took this and it was kinda blurry but at least its something! I painted the blue Metallic Blue and thats about it. I'm gonna panel line this guy and try to clean him up as much as possible. I'm really not feeling 1/144's as much as I was before I dunno if I was just really lazy or what but I think this one might be my last 1/144, although I really want Ribbons Gundam. I also stopped liking SD kits as well but I might grab Strike Freedom to match my Destiny Gundam.

Quick Rant on the 00 Raiser PG I'm not really feeling the 0 Raisers Extras, and im still not really feeling the kit itself. I really do agree with ZversusZ, on the premise of them splitting the kit in two. If they ever did that I would probally buy 00 PG first lol But as far as PG's go I still would like to get maybe Astray Red seeing how thats my fav PG at the moment. I would also like 1/60 Freedom ^_^

Now Black Friday is over I can focus a bit more on my kits, I made out pretty good this Black Friday. Gripped Some Blu Rays (Spiderman 3/Matrix for 12 bucks and Xmen Orgins Wolverine for 9.99) Gripped Borderlands and Uncharted 2 and got some component cables for my wii ^_^ Good times now I'm gonna try and finish some kits and some games mop up some anime and wait till Katsucon 16, which is in FEB I believe. Hopefully I can get all my kits done by then >_< I still need some paint so I will try to hit up hobby town in two weeks and try to grip somethings, I still havent heard from them with the whole contest thing I won. If I win nationally I can get a 500 dollar gift card to HobbyTownUSA hopefully that can buy me a airbrush kit and some more paint :-)

My Wife makes Themed cakes now (Gonna make her a website soon) so my question of the day is can I buy a airbrush kit for my gundams and just buy a different kit (not compressor but the part the paint goes in) for her to use to spray her cakes? Or should I just buy two air brush kits?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Rant

With all these sites throwing up PG 00 Raiser I can't help to think I would want it but man that price tag is a little up there. Correct me if Im wrong but wouldn't it translate into 400 something USD? Granted your getting this huge kit with alot of pieces but 400 though?

I love 00 Raiser, regardless of my situation as far as having kids bills etc I would love one but I just can't justify that much money for something that ultimately would just sit in my display case. I am still trying to bring myself to buy a PG Astray Red Frame because that kit looks so sexy. Anywho whats your thoughts on buying PG 00 Raiser? Is it worth the price tag? Will anyone be getting it?

No really I will

Do some kits after black friday :-) I'm gonna start on 0 Gundam just because he will be easier and take less paint.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As you can see the review for Zenkaikon they had NOTHING to buy! At least what I wanted. They had no Force Impulse :-( So I think im going to save up for it and when Katsucon Rolls around ill be ready to buy ^_^

ATM im sick so I haven't been making that many updates or anything gunpla just alot of sleep and TLC. Black Friday is rolling around so I got somethings I need to pay for then. So I won't be buying any new gunpla until probally FEB because of Katsucon. So for now I think ill move the poll above to the right or if I can just throw in a new poll to see who wants to see which gunpla get built next. I need to grip some more paints too which hopefully I can do by this weekend.

I think thats it for my update I will be upping more videos from Zenkaikon all this week so stay tuned!

Zenkaikon Review

Ok So Zenkaikon where should I start...
Ok first of all for this to be a small anime con in or near philadelphia they did a good job. But because they got way more people than they thought they would, it seemed they was a bit understaffed and under equipped as far as computers for registry and some items for the video games etc.

So we arrived at Zenkaikon @ Raddison Hotel in King of Prussia. It looks nice on the out side but when we got out the car there was a large large line. 1 line for pre reg and one line to buy your tickets at the door. First of all you suppose to pre reg so you can get in faster and enjoy the con. That was not the case here they had like 1300 people pre reg, which is what you suppose to do, but I guess they only had like 1 or 2 computers to verify that you paided so it too us at least like 2 hours to get in. Once we get in guess what, we had to wait again just to get into the dealers room....

The Dealers room was pretty small and didnt have alot of stuff, but don't think thats bad thing. IMO for budget Otaku that can't make it to Otakon or Katsucon it was ok. I actually walked out of the con with nothing. The Gundams they had were ok stuff I already had 1 Black Titan MG I didnt want to spend 44 bucks on. If they had anything else I sure didn't see it I was probally waiting in line >_> My friend Knowone brought a messenger bag, this being his second con he probally got more out of it than I did.

Next up the panels anime viewing and video games. All sucked, the game room was on these old cathode ray tubed tv's. The movies were on projectors that looked like they were from a old highschool although I did get to watch some of the power rangers the movie .. um movie lol I only went in to rest my feet from the long waiting in line. Then we went to King of Prussia to eat and I brought a spiderman button for my messenger bag from the comic book store and thats about it. I went to the con with like 80 bucks in hand left with 60 (20 for food the button and gas)

Zenkaikon (from what I hear) is like a snow ball rolling down a hill getting bigger with each turn. I heard that most of the people last year looked like a small kiddy pooly compared to this years. IMO the con has potential. They need to get some more merchants and a bigger area and be prepared for more people next year. For the local that has never been to a con its good. I think ill wait for the merchant list to get bigger to go back next year. So far as the most fun cons right now its Otakon Katsucon NYAF then Zenkaikon. If your local go check it out next year but don't expect it to be the hottest thing ever.

Last thoughts
The Cosplay's were pretty cool:

excuse the red eye and ill make sure I make a slide show of all the pics later

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Man im tired. Couple more days till Zenkaikon... I alreayd brought my tickets so I will be there! Looks like Mg Force Impulse won the polls thats pretty nice!
So ill look for Force Impulse or a Eva Kit (I want 00 or Type F) and what other little things I can get.

Zenkaikon website updated with schedule and maps etc its shaping up to look pretty nice. Hopefully I will have the camera with me and ill take tons of vids! I almost have my full 1000 in Borderlands that game is so fun. I also have to finish MagnaCarta 2. Umm what else I hopefully can buy some paint soon to finish up my kits >_>

Thas about it for a update though stay toon for Zenkaikon goodness!