Friday, May 29, 2009

Some time Away

Ok just to let you readers know im still here. And thanks for reading and thanks for voting! I'm just a bit busy the last couple days and I'm actually planning some new vids just so busy. So I haven't forgotten the Gunpla and the blog just been a bit busy. I will definitely Update the blog Monday/Tuesday of next week if not Wednesday so I can actually make some videos. Astray Blue is done, I want to make some vids of my tweaks and hacks to my Samsung Omnia and just some news in general. So sorry for the lack of updates but I will be back alive kicking next week!

Otakon fast approaching....

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back with some pics

So after going thru a couple things I'm finally back. Lots been going on in the Gunpla World with the new kits for June/July. I am definitely getting MG Exia but I have been trying to ignore gunpla until otakon because thats when ill make my big purchases. Anywho I started on Blue Astray and wanted to show some pictures:

I gotta check dalong today since im at work and see how much black is on the kit because I forgot I should spray paint those GunMetal but we will see. Oh and I ran out of my first Metallic Blue Tamiya Spray RIP little can it helped me build so many kits :-) I brought another can because I could feel it going so I have a back up.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

News News

OK first of all I got my package today and I will try my best to make a unboxing video when I get home. I will say its not Gunpla related.
360 has some new games I'm really interested in and might take up my time so thats probally going to push me to make my Astray Blue this weekend or at least paint. The painting part is the part that takes so much time I usually try to let the paint dry for a hour. I don't think I have to but just in case. Everyone should know I have been playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 which is so hot btw I am currently Shinn Asuka Piloting Destiny Gundam @ lvl 44 I believe. As soon as I get lvl 50 and my achivement pops ill go after the other achivements. Its really fun and adds alot more onto the game on top of the other title. The new games I'm currently looking at is:

Sacred 2 (looks so hot haven't had my fix of hack and slash since Too Human which was so good btw)
Raiden Fighters Aces (shoot em ups or shumps great game Raiden pwns)
Bionic Commando (Comes out next week looking forward to this since I heard it come out I have the XBLA remake too so hot)

So after Astray Blue gets made I'm looking to play these games to pass time until Otakon. Which is approaching so fast

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hmm been kinda busy last couple days at work so just a little update.
ToDo List:

Panel Lining
Ok so almost all my kits need some extra panel lining. I just finished Gadessa and boy does she look good. Next will probally be MG Destiny Wings are OK but the Gundam itself is a bit lacking in the lining department but still looks good.

Ok so right now Astray is wondering why I haven't started him yet lol I actually looked over the kit on the weekend to try and plan my next move. I have like 5 runners that needed to be sprayed blue so hopefully ummm friday or saturday? Then I have to find a place to put the kit as well.

Some of my kits need some touch up paint like Arios and Gadessa's escape pod. So I will try to do those as well.

I plan on making one for Arios and a quick one for my Gadessa more or less a update with the new panel lining. If it will be just a slide show I'm not sure. And I will be getting a special package hopefully tomorrow and ill do a video on that once it gets in.

So thats my work in progress for everything. Gunpla kinda slowed down last couple months mainly for me because all of the kits I want don't come out till June and me saving up for Otakon as well. I think I want to go as a ninja ^_^ I'm gonna get a headband and the kakashi mask and just wear that to Otakon lol I would have loved to wear some Sharrigan contacts but a bit too much and if I'm going as psuedo Kakashi I only need one lol. Well I remember awhile back I was going to make a gundam list for when I went to Otakon so I have been thinking and this is what I came up with.

MG Strike Freedom (Most Voted so far)
1/144 0 Gundam
1/100 Seravee
1/100 Cherudim
1/144 Garrazo
1/144 GN Archer
SD Force Impulse
MG Force Impulse
MG Wing Zero Custom
MG God Gundam

OK so its really in order of what I want the most. If I only walk out of otakon with just strike freedom I will be a very happy person lol but I know at Katsucon there wasn't that much there as far as the main Gundams. They had Infinite Justice MG but I didn't want it at the time but if they have it this go around I might grab it just for GP if I can't get anything else. I will leave with at least 1 kit lol if none of the stuff I want is there. Other than that here is a list of other stuff I'm gonna look for:

Figma Saber Lilly ^_^ 1 on my want list
Anything Gaogaigar
Anything Gunbuster preferably Nono
Anything Capcom Related (Megaman and SF4)
And of course anime related stuff

Monday, May 11, 2009

Panel Lining

OK so my friend Vektar was like omg Gadessa looks plain with out panel lining so I went and panel lined to see how it would look and I admit it does lot alot better than before. I messed up in a couple places but meh w/e it does look good I will try to paint the escape pod a bit later on down the line. Alot of my Kits I kinda don't panel line all the way but now that I'm down to my last kit I have been going back over the other kits lining and doing w/e else to make them look better until I get my next batch of kits from Otakon.

Here are some pics:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update because I can

Ok first thing I really like Ciaras new album. Granted its different than her other albums but I like it nontheless. I haven't listened to Epihiany by Chrisette Michele I loved her last album. Good thing I have a Zune Pass best 15 dollars a month I have ever spent.

I haven't Done Blue Astray yet. I am trying to figure out where to put him. I see that 0 Gundam comes out June. So hopefully I will be able to grab that up if I don't opt to just wait till Otakon. I gotta see how my funds are if I can get a Stand for Astray then maybe ill sit him somewhere on my computer or something.

Later on today I will try and make a new list of potential Gunpla I want based on whats coming out and whats already out. Then from there I can make my master list for Otakon as far as Gunpla. I think thats it after I do some training here from work I'll post up a list.

Monday, May 4, 2009

For Soph

One of my Friends gave me the idea to do this or rather requested it lol

Music Thoughts

Yo I just had to take a minute and say I like all types of music and lately I have been trying to go towards more R&B, Soul, and Jpop or Japanese Singing Songs. And I just heard 2 songs that are ringing in my head from two of my fav singers

Ciara - Explode
Ciara - When I

No I believe Ciara new cd Fantasy Ride suppose to be out so I'm going to try to get that when I get home. Really nice Songs I loved both her CD's and I rock them all the time on my Zune.

Second Artist is
Utada Hikaru aka the chick that sang the kingdom hears song lol

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence FYI
I am really liking this song alot funny thing is she doenst say anything about christmas in the song but its mad hot.

Update Worklog

OK so I finished Arios which is a nice kit. Having 00 and Arios next to each other is making me want to get Seravee and Cherudim so bad. I already have a pose I want to do for all 4 of them. So all thats left in my WIP right now is my Astray Blue which I will try and start sometime this week. I will need to spray paint the blue areas all Metallic Blue. Good thing I reupped on some paint couple weeks back so im good for that. I gotta take a look at the kit's runners and see how much painting needs to be done. And when Astray is completed I will save save save as I am saving now lol Otakon is coming up in 2 months so I'm looking forward to buying some new gunpla. So far seems like Strike Freedom MG is a shoe in looking at the polls. And around June or so 0 Gundam and Exia R2 is coming out so I will try to either buy them before Otakon or hope they have it there. My collection is getting super big I think I have to rethink the shelf and maybe go get that display case lol. But thats another time though. Right now I'm in saving mode! I think thats it as far as a update though. Thnx for reading

Arios Gundam 1/100 NG Nice Kit

Some pictures of my Arios 1/100 Ng I did this weekend while chillin with some friends.

I will make a video review sometime this week but the kit was super awesome. And changing it to MA mode its so freakn huge. Nice kit I put some extra work into it to make it look like the box etc. Will do a review as soon as I get some time ^_^

X-Men Orgins Woliverine Game & Movie Reivew

The Movie
I thought the story was good. I read the comics and most of it wasn't super wrong towards the story. DP was wall wrong but they did give him the Healing factor in the comic so I guess if they wanted to give more powers they could so w/e. I wish he was a smart talking as he was in the beginning. I thought the movie was good though I think they rushed it out. I didn't like how the claws CGI looks horrible I don't know what happen there I watched the end of Xmen 2 and 3 last night (just happen to be on cable) all of the wolverine fights/apperances the claws looked real. So I don't know what happen in this movie. Then they had like those cheesy moments in the movie with him walking off into the sunset lol and some of the 1 liners were cheesy. But hey its wolverine we got to see him slicing dudes up which was nice. I thought the intro was kinda nice with vic and james pwning in all the wars lol. Vic's cat like movies were nice too.

All in all I give the movie a 8 out of 10. They could have done better with the action seens and the CGI but, don't think its not worth seeing. Will I get the movie on Blu-Ray? probally not but I would get it on DVD unless they fix those problems with the CGI.

The Game

All I can say about the game is its awesome. Great gfx and you run around being wolverine. And what I mean by that is this:
You ever play a game and your this character that suppose to be so powerful and super cool but when u pop the game into your console and hit start they can't even do half of the things that you seen in the comcis/movies/anime?
Well have no fear in X-men Origins Wolverine you get to play just like he is in the comics. Slicing up dudes doing some brutal stuff claws pop out your ready for action. Now I will say there is alot of moves and stuff but for some it might get repetitive so I will say its worth a rent if you like action games and worth a buy if your a wolverine fan and want to keep it. I personally want to get the full 1000 so ill probably end up playing it till I get it.

Gave the game a 9/10 alot to improve on but what they have is fantastic and definitely warrants the "movie game that doesn't suck"

I will make some youtube videos later you can check on my YouTube page later this week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

100 Posts !!!

Wow my 100th post small feat to some but to me really nice. You know I would have loved to have posted something super uber but nothing really going on right now. Hopefully this Sunday I will be able to start on Arios. After looking at the kit Arios only has like 5 trees and most of the stuff on his is pretty big. Doesn't look all that hard to put him together. I just want to make sure he looks the part. I was thinking of coloring the yellow parts gold but It might not look right. I don't think I will be spraying any part of him either. So ill just assemble him panel line and see how he looks.
Wolverine comes out today I already have my tickets ^_^ I will post up a quick impressions probally sunday. Next week should be wide open and hopefully I will have my 60K achievement points and I will lay off the 360 for awhile or at least just try to beat Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. That game is so fun, have I mentioned it? Anywho I think thats about it.