Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Next is weapons

Bulky mcbulkster

I am one with the force

Wow ok I figured out how to put everything I wanted on my blog and I think its shaping up nicely. Added my YouTtube videos to the right and a better looking Gamercard as well. Updated some info so I can be contacted better all that nice stuff etc. So hows everything look? Leave comments below.

Done Most of the Torso


First of all Gundam Markers Rock. They are super great to do details with I was able to color Exia's Vents on his face and it looks nice. I'm so happy I got them. I gotta buy some more too the pack I have didn't come with Grey and I need that. I was torn between painting all the grey silver but It just seemed like it would take to long to get it to work they way I wanted. So I just left him grey. I did however spray paint the blue areas which look pretty good imo. I would like to also get some Fine Tipped Gundam Markers maybe ill grab those this weekend from GSAM. I hope they update there store. Anywho If I have any time to finish up Avalanche Exia tonite ill try and post some Cell Phone pictures if anything. Till next time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost done

Thats how Celestial Being Rolls

First of all I gotta spill out some liquor for the fallen and everyone knows what I'm talking about. Yes the ending of Gundam 00, and you watched GSS Subs did you notice Lockon saying thats how Celestial being rolls? If he really said that he just got a multitude of cool points for that phrase alone. Anywho my breif blarg of the last episode.

It was fantastic. Its a cash cow waiting to be milked I know personally im grabbing the MG Exia once it comes out and w/e version of ribbons MS as well. (pictured below I grabbed them from Random Curiosity) Ending was really pulled together no loose strings unlike Destiny (haven't watched ova's yet), although I liked Destiny. They made room for a movie dunno what the whole Jupiter thing has to do with it. My guess is that either they will take up arms to fight aliens or Ribbons has something there or Schindigg has another humanity test there. But anywho lots of actino Season two I personally don't buy DVD's but I will get this on DVD/Blu Ray when its availble. Gundam 00 goes in my top 10 anime now

As far as Gunpla, I did grab 3 kits over the weekend from AnimeKing (a ebay store) I wanted the clear or clear green stands but noooo they had to be sold out so here is what I got:

1/100 NG Arios (Second in the poll)
SD Destiny Gundam (First in the poll)
1/144 Gadessa

Never had a 1/144 before I always wanted my first 1/144 to be Hazel Custom from HGUC but I saw a friends Gadessa and was like wow that looks really nice. I'm prepared to be smacked in the face on how small it may be but who cares maybe this will bring a new found appriciation for 1/144 HG kits for me. I try to stay away from them but I figured Gadessa would be one of those kits that never gets a 1/100 version.

One last thing I brought before I end this post though. On ebay I won a HCM Arios+GNArcher that im going to give my son as a present so once that gets in ill do a mini review before he destroys it lol.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ok so I have been thinking of what my next big kits will be because after this order I am saving up my money for Otakon. So here is my list of purchases for Apirl

1/144 Gadessa
SD Destiny Gundam
0 Raiser
Figma Saber Lily
2 Clear Stands

Now you might be saying OMG where is MG Force Impulse? Well after looking at the model again I noticed there wasn't any stand that came with it. After doing my MG Destiny I guess I had it in my head that all Master Grades came with stands lol. So I think its just all MG's that have wings have stands. Anywho I'm going to look at some more MG's that have stands and I might buy one but I'm thinking ill wait till when I go to otakon, at least there I can probally find a deal. This time around I want to get some more things to help out my exisiting collection. Also Gadessa comes with a stand and I'll buy 2 stands one for Arios and one for Avalanche. This is just a mock list I'm still looking around to see what else I can get. I also would like to try out the Metallic Blue Gundam Marker so some of my little supplies will go on as well.

Edit: I made it 2 Clear stands to make it cheaper and where my models are your not going to see the stand anyway.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh I forgot

I forgot to tell you guys/gals I just started watching Fate Stay Night and omg
that anime is hot. My next purchase including the MG Force Impulse and SD Destiny
Will be this:

Figma Sabre Lily!
So hopefully I can find her she's at AnimeXing for 27 bucks wanna try and find if I can get it lower. I'm only on episode 4 but Im already hooked. I'm also currently watching Hitman Reborn which is IMO another hot anime. I finished up Seed and Seed Destiny and IMO both were great I don't know why everyone hates it. But one thing I didn't like was the ending of both Seed and Destiny like it was just like pew pew phew I killed the boss the end. Now Seed ill let them get that just cause they had Destiny afterwards but man Destiny has what? I hear there are ova's and Stargazers and w/e so I haven't watched them yet. Last thing (really this time) Gundam 00 has what 3 episodes left? I can't wait to see whats going to happen in the end. And the 00 Season 1 is coming out in May and if you get the special edition box set it comes with 2 Manga's one for 00 and other for 00F or 00V the side story. So I can't wait for that either! And Otakon ... I gotta save after May for Otakon


Ok what the buisness is?
Been playing my 360 alot lately RE5 is so sweet. Anywho polls seem to be pointing towards SD Destiny. So I'm going to grab that end of the month from Gundam Store and More. Hopefully they get there act together and update the site. Great company fast shipping but there website updates are terrible. I called and some guy told me the site has the new products but they aren' t there u have to search. I suppose they have like some type of database for intake and the website pulls from there (just a guess). I know they do have 1/144 GN Archer im really tempted to get it.

But as it stands right now I plan on buying the following:

MG Force Impulse
SD Destiny

I think thats it for now. I still have avalanche Exia which ill try to tackle sometime this week. I think im going to wait for some new kits to come out after MG Force and Destiny but there are still some more kits I would like though. So we will see what comes out. I might end up ordering from HLJ :-( and waiting for it to come. Well thats all I can think about. I'll post later on today gotta get to work ^_^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update on things

So for one my laptop is back up but I gotta do a full restore and reinstall Windows 7. So ill try and take care of that today.
I added 4 new videos to my youtube page ^_^
Talking Reviews

Astrea Type F
00 Gundam
Destiny Gundam
Astray Red

I know I know my camera sucks but at least its something. I'm in the market for a HD camera once I find one thats not uber expensive ill grab it. This Friday or so I'm planing on ordering these:
G Marker Metallic Blue (If anyone has this please email me a pic of what it looks like, I'm really hoping it matches my metallic blue tamiya paint. If it does it can speed up me making my models because I can use the blue pen to color the nubs.
G Marker Gold (For future projects and right now mainly for Astray golds sword sheeve (bad spelling)
G Marker Grey (for general grey nub color overs)
SD Destiny
And one mystery Gundam could be 1/144 could be 1/100 could be a MG I dunno :-)
Maybe a Action Base

I'm not sure if I will get the mystery gundam but its a high possiblity I will. But if anything I'm definitely getting SD Destiny. My next project however will be Avalanche Exia. I am really looking forward to building this kit and I need to finish up building the weapons for Astrea Type F. Once I finish all my kits I plan on going back thru and finishing up some details I know 00 and Astray have no panel lining so ill dust them off if any dust is there and do some panel lining. Once they all looking sexy ill start buying more but I will say I am running out of space on my shelf lol So we will see.

Apparently fat joe is xbox central

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Destiny Gundam MG - Complete

Before I kick off this written review let me show you the pic of all new poses and everything. Looks so sweet:
Sexy ain't it?
Photobucket Ok so this picture is the whole kit notice the silver on his hand omg is this the Extreme Burst Mode Destiny? No its not. Just a little bit of painting with my dollar store brushes and Tamiya Chome Silver paint ($3.35) and bam makes the hand look awesome!
Photobucket Painted the kit with Red Metallic and Blue Metallic and GunMetal.
Photobucket I kinda messed up on the black part of the wing for some reason it ran kinda bad when I sprayed it but still looks good later ill buy a litle bit of gunmetal and paint over it.
Photobucket 00 using Destinys beam pink thingy. I didnt get around to panel lining Destiny but he looks just as good with out it.
Photobucket MG hands on the bottom I built the kit with those hands in mind then I came up with the idea of painting just the Open hand chrome and I ran with that I ended up painting both hands thats the right hand ill use it for something else maybe. Was thinking of putting both hands on destiny but i was like meh might look stupid.
Photobucket Destiny's Shield next to astray's shield. The shield is nice too bad I can't use it like in the picture of the MG box. But maybe another time.
Photobucket Yea I know blurry but I broke Stellas stand and Shin well they are going into the weapon graveyard. (ill post a pic later)
Photobucket More Close ups
Photobucket Top shot
Photobucket The Stand is really nice that came with it you figure 10 for the stand and about 40 for the kit not bad for 50 bucks.
Photobucket Slightly darker picture so you can see everything.

Ok ill try and write more later this is just to get the pics up for you guys holla

Returning the sword

Size comparison

Silver hands

No Wings ma look No wings!

Almost done wing time

Friday, March 13, 2009

This drill will pierce the heavens...!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SD 00 Gundam Mini Review

Here is my mini Review of SD Gundam 00
The Kit comes in a small box pretty good artwork:
(Got Image from a random google search)

Open the box got a bunch of baby runners looked really nice. Don't have any pictures but maybe ill do some later but I figure everyone knows what runners look like.

Took me about 2 hours to finish with kids jumping on my back and etc lol. Turned out pretty good though.
I painted the jewel Clear Red and the V Fin is a sticker but since I just got my gundam markers ill make it yellow with that but the sticker did its purpose though. The top of the sticker didnt stick well but meh its SD its not like its a MG. Used stickers for eyes and I think thats about it for stickers here. Did some nice panel lining which made him look alot better.
I left the orbs in the head stock just used a sticker and the clear green disc that goes over it looked nice to me. I might do clear green but I kinda liked what it came with. GN drives came with the little cup looking thing to go into them so it would look light green on the inside. I might grab the Exia version just to have it compared alongside this and I do have Avalanche Exia so it works out ^_^
This is the back nothing much if u notice u can see the little cup things i was talking about where the GN drives are. Well from the instruction book what I can make out is that he like flips the drives up like guyver or tekknoman and shoots a beam or makes a shield who knows I guess that was the "gimmick" for it lol pretty cool though.

In the end its a great kit I definitely think I'm going to buy SD's for all my major gundams. I love the way the look and my son loves playing with them. Later on I might touch him up some more with Gundam Markers but he's cool as is.So if you like SD's its a must buy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finished my 1st Action Base

Ok once again something I thought was going to be alot smaller was actually at least 2 times bigger than I thought. But omg it looks so good and was worth the 6 bucks I paided for them. Now I see why they cost anywhere from 8-12 bucks these things are huge! My dream of having like a stand for everyone just went out the window these things are huge... lol Anywho first person who needed the stand was... you guessed it 00. So here are some pics:
My son ashy leg. Wonder if he takes after his father or mother? lulz

Lookie What I got

Ok first of all let me say wth is with the MG box? Its like the same size as two of my NG 1/100 box's. Lol when I got the box I was like this is really slim then I open it an the Gundam Markers are on the side, which are alot bigger than I thought they would be lol and the 2 Action base's are on the top which... are alot bigger than I thought they would be. I knew the Action base's were in a bag but man they are big. And the best thing evar!!!! I got a pen from gundam store and more lol w00t oh and MG destiny of course... lol

Quick Video Game Round Up

I don't think I have ever made any Video game posts so heres my first one, a couple one sentence reviews on some games.

50 Cent: BoTS
Great Game worth at least a rent too much cursing though had to mute my tv while playing.8/10 9/10 with out cursing
Easy Achivements BTW

Ninja Blade
Hot Game nice moves its often called the poor mans Ninja Gaiden. You can customize your colors and stuff upgrade weapons etc great game. Meh Achivements

Eat Lead
Weak. Good for achivements

Street Fighter IV
Hottest fighting game go get it or die trying (see what I did thar?)

I have some other games but I just haven't gotten to them yet. I gotta help my cousin with Fiddy coop achivements maybe collect the medals and I'll think of starting a new game. Next on my list is:

TomClancy's HAWX
Halo Wars
Star Ocean

So I'll write some mini reviews of those once I play them for a bit. I'm waiting for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. Lookiing forward to the old Gundam units and the new ones which include:
Strike Freedom
Infinite Justice
Looks to be a good game I 1000/1000 the first one so I'm going to quit all games until I get my 1000/1000 in that just cause its that fun to me lol

Gundam Wednesday!

I just realised that I used that title before and I also got my gundams on wed before... deja vu!!
Anywho later on today (or at least thats what UPS tells me) I should be getting my action stands gundam markers and wait for it...... MG Destiny Gundam! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been busy with this thing called life im pretty sure most of you guys/gals have heard of it :-) j/k Anywho hopefully everything goes well and I get my package and I'm aiming towards taking pictures. I got a lot of great ideas for MG Destiny and hopefully I can make them come tru.
I also have been drooling over MG Force Impulse

Looks so Sexy so I might pick that up along with either SD Destiny or SD Force Impulse but we will see. My cousin was going to pick up somethings and I would just throw my order on his and give him the money. Ill update when the goods come ^_^
Laptop still down :-(

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gundam Store and More Pwned

Just got a call from GSAM and they ran out of clear stands... so I replaced them with 2 green ones and got my money back for the third one. I really wanted the clear ones but Ill make due with the green ones. That sucks so bad :-( oh well at least they said it should ship out today.... PWNED


Semi Final List

Ok so after looking at everything gundam with my cousin I started to think hmm how many other models do I want? And where would I stop at? I probally don't have much room on my shelf after Destiny and such so I figured I would make a quick list of gundams I would want, and I wanted to share with you guys/gals.

First of all I want all 4 gundams from 00 Gundam

Mr Bushido's Final Gundam (he keep getting upgrades so w/e they release I would like to get)
RX-78 0 Gundam (Watch ep 22... I didn't but I hear he's in it)

Then I want possibly 4 Gundams from Seed Destiny

Mg Force Impulse
Mg Strike Freedom
Mg Destiny (on its way)
Mg Infinite Justice (maybe)

Then Maybe 1 SD
SD Destiny Gundam ^_^

And my last 3 would be
Mg God Gundam
Mg RX-78 OYW
Mg Wing Gundam

So far thats all I can think that I would want and once I get all of those ill probally slow down on buying kits or just stop all together. But thats alot to build though thats somewhere around a year's worth time maybe of building. I only plan on buying 1 or 2 kits, depending the price, a month so we will see.

On another note I got a lot of subscribers on the weekend thanks a bunch to those who subscribed. My laptop is still waiting to be repaired the Dell repair guy came out and turns out my video card wasnt bad it was my mobo so I gotta wait for that to get fixed. I have been busy with somethings so I havent been able to take more pics and make a video but its in the works I got everything ready so keep checking back!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Do a Barrel Roll

Sorry for the quiet time this week. I have been busy with alot of things. I also did order somethings from gundamstoreandmore which are:

MG Destiny Gundam (u voted for it ... and I wanted it lol)
3 Clear Action Base Stands (now 00 and Astrea Type F can do fly poses, I'm still debating on weither or not I will have Red Astray doing a fly pose or not, but if anything ill give it to Avalanche Exia.)
Gundam Destiny Markers (to help with Destiny and my gundam collection overall)

I have been trying to figure out why my camera is taking such bad pictures lately so soon as I fix that ill make some video reviews and some more pictures.

My work laptop just crashed out and killed the gfx card so I called dell to get it fixed. I had 3 days left on my warranty lol. Anywho hopefully next week ill be back up now im on this crappy laptop.

Now to play the waiting game for my stuff from GSAM, I'm starting to really like MG Freedom or Strike Freedom so that might be my next grab after I finish Destiny and Avalanche. And seeing what the result is from the current poll.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New pose up close

Another shot LG Dare took this shot and new pose