Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MG Exia Ignition Mode WIP

Hmm What can I say about this kit so far.
It has really has alot of parts. Really feels like a Master Grade if that
makes any since. I like how the part where the orb is, connects in a way it can
sway back and forth. I know some people say stuff about this kit but for the
pose I want I think ill enjoy the kit alot. I'm not even a big Exia fan though
but i'm diggin the kit. Now on to the pictures!

I took the green middle part out just for the fact that I want to spray a top coat of
Matte but I'm starting to think I might use something different or just won't top coat
at all. What you see here is Tamiya GunMetal both Sprayed and Brushed Krylong Fusion Red and Blue and non painted White. I was going to wait to get most of the kit completed before I did the panel lining.
Unfortunately I forgot (had the kit for almost 8 months)to buy the batteries for the GN drive.
I ordered a 10pack of LR41's from some shop 3 dollars including shipping. Yay me! I'll put the
drive together when they come. That little white area at the top looks weird I wonder what I can put in there to make it look a bit better. Maybe color in the grey with white? Till the GN Drive gets built ill be using the spare energy thingy lol
Before I painted the arm pieces and u can kinda see where the ORB gaps are so it can sway
Great Kit so far will post up more pics later


  1. Looking sharp, MrCapcom.

    As a bit of advice, you might want to start panel-lining now instead of waiting until you've finished building. That way you can capture bringing out some details that'll be semi-obscured by other parts later on.

    For example, when you put together the shoulders, you'll be adding one of those shimmery clear plastic bits that connect the shoulder to the shoulder pauldron. When you do that, it blocks access to a little set of panel lines on the shoulder. If you ink them before assembling, they'll stand out nicely.

    Can you snap any pics of the light-up GN drive?

  2. Yea I will keep that in mind usually the pen I have to panel line can get into some pretty good spaces. I'm waiting to do the GN drive, when the Batteries come in :-)