Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mg Exia Ignition WIP PT2

Ok so times been busy so I haven't really been able to work on this guy correctly lol
what I mean by that is the fact some parts aren't painted so I had to go back and if I go back and paint them I can't finish other parts i.e the leg so what I do is finish the parts I can do.
So with that said I end up with stuff like this:
top legs I didnt spray the back pieces that show outside for some reason >_>
which is ok but I just forgot so i had to go back now contruction of the leg
is halted but I did do the feet seperately and the like ankle guard thingy
Now I didnt paint the hands yet so thats why there is no hands. And I forgot my
panel lining pen in the car (don't ask) so the right side of the arm isnt panel
lined... Coming alone nicely though you can also see in teh picture bottom right I
did the parts where the legg connect to the torso and the swords stay. lol I finished
that last night ill post more pics as I go though

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