Friday, August 6, 2010

Otakon 2010 Written Review

Otakon 2010 Where do I begin..
This was my second time going and it was fantastic. We stayed at the Biltmore Suites Hotel
It was a 2 bed suite on the third floor. This would have been super cool but the elevators
were broken (for a couple years) and well I wasn't to excited about that lol. They didn't have
newer TV's so I brought my 32inch LCD. So Day 1 was climbing steps like crazy lol but wasn't that bad just wish I knew the elevators were broken beforehand.

Day 1 Pre Reg (I went Thursday BTW) was fantastic. Last year mind you we had to wait in a line
and then get our badges etc all of what took maybe a hour give or take a minute. This year there was almost nobody in line, at first I was like "whoa Otakon this year sucks?", but this year they were using barcodes to scan everyone in. So PRE REG literally took like 5 minutes or less, keeping in mind I had 2 other friends with me and we had to pic which badge we wanted lol.

Day 2 The actual con was upon us. First thing I had to do was enter in the Gundam competition. I took my MG Exia with Custom Celestial Being Action Base, MG God Gundam with Clear Action Base and my 1/144 HG Unicorn Mode RX-0. Set them up in the Artist Alley and on my way to the merchant room. My 3 friends that came, have never been to Otakon so my advice to them was this : “Don’t buy anything Day 1”. LOL 9 times outta 10 you end up spending all your money hehe. Watched a couple Anime’s in the viewing rooms and went to the little rave which IMO was fun but I had nothing that glowed so I didn’t want to look like a idiot. Went back to the Hotel and that was that.

Day 3 was Cosplay day. Keep in mind I never cosplayed before today. I also kinda got my costume last minute because I was torn between not cosplaying and cosplaying. Anywho I went as Cody from Super Street Fighter 4. For what it was in my opinion my costume was fantastic. Yes, it could have been better but it was all in the spirit of fun. I ran around taking pics fake stabbing people (Cody has a knife) challenging other street fighter people I saw, and taking peoples dojo signs(ok maybe not the last one)
Went back to the Gundam Competition and I lost. Before I explain why I will say they gave out little consolation prizes which had like stickers etc and a nice decal set. So my hurting faded for losing lol

Gundam Competition : I felt really bad, well come on who likes losing? But thankfully the judge was able to talk to me and tell me everything I had did wrong. This really made me feel better because I kinda rushed the kit and this was a whole different league from when I won the Hobby Town USA competition.

1. My Exia didn’t have paint on the white parts – I usually don’t paint them because it’s a waste of money and me personally I don’t see the difference. But being in a competition like this you can’t think about what you think, but what the judge thinks. So basically I need to paint the whole kit

2. My Custom Celestial Being Action Base – I lost points here because well I hand brushed it but I rushed because the paint was acting super stupid. I don’t know why maybe I should have top coated it first or something. But it all boiled down to if I had done it sooner maybe I would have caught this and even changed stands. But I knew it was sloppy and I was ok I didn’t think I would loose points because of it. Understandable though next year ill make sure I paint better or just go with a clear stand. He even told me if I had used the stand that I used with God Gundam I wouldn’t’ have gotten points taken off.

3. Nub marks. Ok I dunno what happen there I usually clean them off but what he was saying is he saw like 2 I missed then it made him look for more and then he noticed the no paint on the white parts and then I lost mad points for that. So ill either start sanding (for competition kids) or just make sure I shave right like I do now and paint and really really inspect the pieces better.

So those were my 3 faults really. HG Unicorn lost points mainly for lack of panel lining on the white areas and once again no paint. I really don’t mind what he said was really valid and he assured me that if those were corrected I would have won. He loved my kits and the ideas and everyone else loved my kits too so its not that bad. Next year I have a really good idea of what I’m going to do and I will start working on those kits like now lol Everyone elses kits were fantastic as well shout out to everyone who was in the competition.

After the competition and I was finished swallowing sadness we did some more cosplaying chilled somewhere in between it all some douche bag pulled the fire alarm and we was outside for like 2 hours then we came back in. Went back to Hotel and that was it.

Day 4 was spent buying more stuff and chillin we left and got back to philly around 4/5.

In conclusion GREAT CON. Lots of firsts with the competition and the cosplaying I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do but it was worth it. Next year is gonna rock. I will upload the pictures to the site later on as I am still uploading to photobucket. Sorry for the wall of text lol and if you read all of it Thank You!!!

I did get to throw up a couple videos of the stuff I brought and a quick video of the con so check me out @ Youtube MrCapcom and hit me up via email or gtalk MrCapcom[at]

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