Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yo I am so pissed why you say?
Well something happen with google. Now they have like once you sign in it signs you in across the board. Whats he mean you say?
Well For some stupid reason I wasn't reading what I was doing and by accident linked my youtube account to my hotmail account. Normally wouldn't be bad but I use my gmail on my phone and I'm always on my gmail. So whenever I want to goto my blog or my youtube it forces me out of my gmail and vice versa.
Anywho I think ill have to remake the blog AND remake my youtube channel so they all under one email >_> But I don't have time for this so I think the temp fix for this will be me just using Internet Explorer 9 for my Youtube/Blog and then sign in on my gmail on Chrome (which I primarly use anyway.)

OK with that out the way heres what to look for in the coming month:
More Video Reviews
Just unpacked my Exia, God Gundam and HG Unicorn
Gonna do reviews on w/e I missed the last couple kits (i think only Exia)
I was going to do a Review on the Droid X and a couple other products I think I have.
Upcoming Kits
I dunno what to do next lol so I will make a poll and see what you guys want to see next ill make it a 3 week poll why? Ready on!
Review and Swag from NYAF!!!
Yay NYAF next week I am trying to go Sat and Sun because the Gundam 00 Movie is being played on Sunday so hopefully everything pans out and I get to see it on Sunday and waste my hard earned money on stuff on Sat lol but stay tuned for reviews etc of that too

I just recently joined http://mobilekombat.blogspot.com/ so I will be either completely moving my video reviews there for mobile stuff or I might copy them and have on on my site as well. I have to see how thats going to work.

So stay tuned guys and gals!

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