Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I need to do:Written Review for NYCC/NYAF (with photos!)Review on Video/Written Review for MG Exia and God Gundam/Swag from NYCCBuild remaining Gunpla SinanjuForce ImpulseReborns Gundam (working on it now)Unicorn Destroy ModeUnit 00 Kshatriya
I think thats it ^_^
I want to buy:Kotobukiya RockmanSD Unicorn1/144 Sinanju (ONLY If I can get the one with the stand)
I won't be buying any more kits after the ones above only because of my super backlog. Hopefully I can at least knock them down a bit by the time I hit Katsucon in Feb/Mar.
I'm starting to get back into design and website building and I will do a full rebuild of the site and I want to take some more pictures of my kits. More professional looking with a backdrop and poses etc and make them easily accessible on the side. So I will be working on quite a bit in the next couple months. I probally will have to drop a couple of side things such as gaming or watching anime :-(

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