Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy Beaver

Man o Man
"Life is a trip and sometimes you gon' stumble"
Thats a understatement lol I been so busy lately, and all my hobbies have been taking a hit in some shape or form. I slowed down/ stopped buying kits until I finish my backlog. hopefully I can finish almost everything before Katsucon or at least take a dent into the backlog.

I got around to spray painting Reborns Red/White parts. Debating on if I should color the other yellow parts plain yellow or just top coat them. I brought some new Krylon paint that look slike a freaky gunmetal so I will be painting the grey parts that color.

Lately I have been feeling a bit non interested in gunpla only because I have been trying to put more into the way they look. So I need more time to put out something better. I think I'm going to buy a airbrush kit. I'm hoping that I can use the compressor for other things (bike tires, airbushing cakes (for my wife)etc) so it won't be a total waste. But then I can be able to spray paint inside the house. At this point I spray paint outside cause Kyrlon will have you high and dead if you stay inside. So I think im gonna invest in a airbrush for that reason PLUS I hear its cheaper because you stretch the paint out farther. Anywho hopefully if I get that the turn around of my kits will come out better. In other news I want to sell some of my kits because I want to get mastergrade versions. I kinda don't want most of my HG's but some of them I want to keep. So here's a list of what I want to sell just shoot me a price and I will let you know.
1/100 NG
Astray Blue
Astray Red
00 Raiser
Heavy Arms
Red Astrea
1/144 HG
Exia R2
00 Gundam

Shoot me a email @ Mrcapcom[@]

0 Gundam

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