Monday, July 27, 2009

Have I forgotten you guys?

Nope I haven't I just have been very busy with RL. My latest kits aren't built yet because I am waiting to do some really really special treatment on them. So I am waiting. Hopefully I can score some paint this weekend, and maybe buy 1 or 2 kits most likely SD or 1/144's. The 1/100's I want are all MG's or Virtue/Seravee/Cherudim so thats gonna cost abit more than I have atm. If anything I will keep a txt update and I will update my youtube page with videos as they come. This isn't me shutting down just getting my ducks in a row ^_^

Next Con though will be in NOV @ I'm really on the fence about going. The dealers room looks a bit empty and I don't know how maybe people go to this con I think its only been around for 3 years. But if I do go then im definitely going just for 1 day its not that far from where I live like 45 minutes

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