Monday, July 20, 2009

Overall Impressions of Otakon 09

I had a lot of fun going to Otakon. When I get a chance ill make a Video talky review of my thoughts but ill point out somethings that I wanted to know that I found out by actually being there.

The First thing, this is my first time at Otakon and my second time at a anime con. So with that said Otakon is waaaay bigger than Katsucon. More things to buy more things to see more people. I had a fun experience at both places though.

Next year I will be going back to Katsucon and Otakon at least this time ill have more of a understanding on what I want to do and where I need to go for everything. This year was alittle bit rushed but I'm planning for next year after November and ill tell you why later.

The competition for the Models i found out last minute so I'm kinda mad because I could have entered one of my kits or at least put extra effort into making somethig.

Other than that it was fun next stop is Zenkaikon which I think ill be registering for end of the month which is in KoP and ill have a tons of pics when I go there ^_^


  1. sounds like there's a convention like every other month where you live.

  2. They kinda dropped the ball this year as far as notification for the model contest. Next year should be much better, and each year it gets better and better. I like entering the contest, fun stuff.

    If you liked the MG Exia on display, here are more pictures of that kit as it was built:

  3. Oh cool are you the guy that did it? Did you go to Otakon?

  4. Yeah, I was at Otakon. I hosted the Gundam Model Building workshop that was held at 9 in the morning on that Saturday. The marbelized shin musha gundam and asagi figure (figure with the little sticky covering some percieved naughty bits, were mine.

  5. oh wow dude my friend went to the 9 and i missed it I tried to come i was kidna mad I didnt but w/e but I heard it was good. Cool man lets keep in touch. I liked the musha gundam and the naughty bits... i mean the actual kit ^_^ I think I loved Rei the most although it had some minor problems(eyes)