Friday, February 26, 2010

MG G Gundam Pt 1

G Gundam Progress
Painting the red parts:
My Wife let me take some hair pens ^_^
More Spray paint on my spraying table thingy
I broke the piece on the left hand but nobody will ever know! lol its so tight in there it won't fall out... hopefully its the wrist part but w/e
some glue will help if its a problem

Ok so moving along pretty good. I am taking this kit a bit differently in the sense that I am spraying and still assembling pieces. Which i dunno if thats what other people do but im doing it now lol. So far so good really liking this kit and the screws in the kit kinda make it unique i kinda wish all MG's had them but meh so far really solid seems abit smaller than I thought it would be but i think all kids feel that way till I finish them well back to work!

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