Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Update

I Just uploaded some videos to youtube :-)
Seravee (Final Review)
Rap Contest
Update on my next kit (still uploading)

I had alot of stuff come up and hopefully they don't impact me going to Katsucon and Otakon :-( It seems like it will but im gonna keep looking for the silver lining.

I tried looking for Xan the other day and ebay has them for like 70-100 bucks... WTH?
Yea so my dreams of getting Xan is crushed unless they do a release which is what I think I read on Ngee's Website. Hes so cool looking too I didnt notice he has like 2-3 Kunai's on his waste and the little shouler protector thing and a sick sword. Dag oh well. Hopefully i can find him or even a regular King Gainer I kinda like the way it looks. I gotta see if I can reencode the anime on my Droid and try to watch the anime again. The OP is hilarious!

Other than that nothing really going on still watching my anime reading my mangas. Hopefully I can get started on God Gundam in the next 2 weeks, might be sooner but I have somethings I need to take care of and hopefully i can hit up Katsucon.

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