Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm really starting to like some Revoltech Figures
Just saw this over at Ngee

Everyone knows im a sucker for swords and mecha lol. So far I want the Eva 01 Type F, Xan (pictured above), and Gurren Lagann Revoltech (non drillized). They coming up I never really wanted those figures but they kinda nice.


  1. Good luck getting the Overman King Gainer Xan, it was originally released as a limited release, and I don't think it was in retail either. For this one, I think its an internet release.

    You can still snatch some off eBay, but for insane prices.

  2. yeah the xan is limited release but if you still want the original which i believe is one of the cheapest revoltechs figures ive seen... you should look out for it at the next convention

  3. Thanks for the info guys if anything ill check the con's I go to. Ill also check online and see if I can find it somewhere as well I gotta re read ngee's blog post because im wondering why it posted if its old. Maybe they re making them? Dunno