Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update up to Speed

Ok sorry guys I kinda fell off the intertubes for the last 2 weeks or so.
I was really busy with RL. But just to give you guys a little update and
bring you up to speed on whats going on.
Still going hopefully booking hotel weekend/week ^_^ like 4 months away.
This year I think is going to be crazy I'm not sure if I'm going to make alot of video
but I will take alot of pictures I think. If anyone going hit me up!

MG God Gundam
Finished MG God looks fantastic. Gotta do a review on it maybe sat. I couldn't find anything to make the burning rings but I still got time before the competition @ Otakon.

MG Exia Ignition Mode
I think I'm gonna get started on this guy this weekend as well. Exia is usually a pretty simple build from building R2 and Avalanche so hopefully It won't take long.
I am still debating on the colors for the blue and for weapons/frame. I think Im gonna do regular Fusion Blue/Red and the big gn sword/gun silver and keep the rest of the joints regular grey or gunmetal grey.

Still haven't built:
1/60 Force Impulse/1/144 Reborns/1/144 Unicorn (Unicorn Mode)/MG Master Gundam
And I been trying to wait to do a unboxing of this cheap ED and Al figure I brought and Black Getter Revoltech Figure. I also still need to paint the Celestial Being Action base as well.

Things on my Buy List:

MG Unicorn Special OVA SP + Cage Version Super Eyegasm elite (just kidding on the elite part.... lol)
Right now I'm kinda sad at this kit Hobbywave is like "huh?" cause they out of stock ?? And GSAM is like ok we might have it but we might not but im sure we gonna have it april first but it we might not. So atm I might not be able to find someone who sells it :(

SD Unicorn
I'll grip one if I find it.

Spray Paint
I need at least 2 can's of Gunmetal Grey :smh: I want to make Force Impulse 1/60 look the best I can and with bigger pieces it shouldnt be that hard. I also need some Dark/Navy blue for unicorn and master gundam.

Panel Lining
I need 1 more black panel lining marker and I need a grey one for Unicorn. Hopefully hobbywave has some GSAM has one but im really wondering if its what I want or not. Hobbywave has basically this thing they call a gundam marker but it looks like a mechanical pencil.

I want Force Impulse to look extra sexy so I gotta order some Decals form Samuel Decal hope that comes out great as well. Couple other decals I want too for 00 and stuff but ill worry about that when im ready to order.

I need marksetter for decals and I need something to repair the broken wing on force impulse :-(

Action Bases!
I need like 2-3 Clear ones

I think thats it once I knock out all these kits I'm gonna be chillin till Otakon comes then ill probally grab a couple more kits.

Seems like Bandai is bringing out alot of new kits to rape our wallets with so I'm gonna sit back and see whats coming out. I don't plan on buying that much at Otakon but im pretty sure that's a lie.

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