Monday, March 1, 2010


No more polls for awhile.
Reason for this is my next purchase will be Mg Unicorn Ova Ver SP PK. You know the New Gundam Unicorn with the Mobile Suit Cage? lol This one :

LOL Anywho after that im gonna chill on buy kits for two reasons. Saving for Otakon... and well I have a bunch of kits to finish and Around 3 im tring to enter into the competition at Otakon. So I'm kinda just working on those until Otakon comes, I uploaded a new update video, with the new stuff I got from NYC. So with all these kits I'm gonna do I won't be making any more what should I buy next polls and if anything if I do make one it will be what im gonna buy in otakon but right now I don't really want anything else but what I just brought.
There are a couple MG's I am looking at but I can wait like:
RX-78 2.0
Force Impulse or Sword Impulse
Hi Nu Gundam

I think thats all the MG's I'm really liking. I might get 1/60 NG or PG Strike Gundam but thats just a thought lol

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  1. Out of all those MG's you listed, get the RX-78-2 Ver 2.0. I got it myself, and its mind blowingly awesome, once you get past the somewhat old-school look (its not that bad really).

    Plus, the internal frame itself is ridiculously amazing. Plus, if you have some scratch building/modding skills, you can do some crazy stuff with it since the armor pieces aren't that complicated.