Monday, January 18, 2010

Seravee Update

So I had today off work for Mr Luther King Day, and I said let me at least complete Seravee even if I didn't get to Serphim so here you go a quick two pic's from diff angles:

As soon as I get the videos all converted I have like 4 videos to upload 2 for seravee and 2 on reviews of the Motorola Droid that I just got over my vacation. Stay Tuned!

I also am proud to note I am almost finished with my season 2 00 Gundams lol I just need seraphim built and I need to buy Cherudim. And I also want reborn and a 1/144 00 which I might wait for seeing how they have the 7 sword 00 coming out, but we will see :-)

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