Thursday, January 14, 2010

Swizzle Sticks

So before I left for work I sprayed the Seravee parts mentioned in my video @ youtube.
It had a small amount of build up im hoping will change once it drys. No pictures yet but I will try to throw up some pics later on tonite. Hopefully it comes out good >_<

I dunno if I told you guys but I sold my Samsung Omnia i910 and brought the Motorola DROID. Running Googles Android OS and I have to say its a very impressive phone. I will do a quick written review later on today and hopefully a video review, since I use my phone to do most of my videos lol. But great phone get it if you can. I personally don't want the Nexus 1 for 2 reasons 1 It has no Keyboard and 2 its too new. Yea being too new isnt that much of a problme but because of the new Snapdragon processor I want to wait and see how well it performs and does, before I jump on the snapdragon bandwagon.


Till next update peace

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  1. I know this is a late comment but I was in the exact same situation with the I910 and Droid haha. Your statement about something being too new hits way too close to home as I got the omnia right when it came out and boy did I regret that mistake.

    I switched up to the droid now and it is amazing how responsive it is compared to the omnia.