Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Wow 2010 and do I have somethings to tell you guys.
Where I was:
First of all I had Dec 18th- Jan 4th so most of the time I was mad lazy except when I took my family out. I had a great time off with the kids and my wife.
What I did:
I finished 0 Gundam if not that week of the 18th a bit before. I made a 2 minute review thats sitting on my new DROID Cell phone which ill try to do a review on later. Im pretty well connected no adays so I will try to do more videos etc.
What I'm going to do:
Well let me start off by saying I haven't had much money for gunpla lately. I try to do things like this:
90% of my check goes to my family, anything family related or related to something I need(clothes,co-pays,bills etc) even stuff my family might want (ie toys for kids) comes out of that 90%. I usually give myself like 10 percent of my check to get WHATEVER it is I want.

And seeing how I want alot sometimes lol I end up sucking that 10% pretty fast. I got my Zune subscription and my newly Gamefly Subscription. So whats left I have to divy out towards models/supplies/games/movies. Dec check kinda sorta went all to buying the Motorola DROID lol BUT I still have 3 kits left so im not with out something to do for gunpla. Thing is with the recent hike in price of spray paint, 1 can of Tamiya is like 6.50

I can't really afford that. You figure I might need black/red/blue thats almost 20 something dollars with tax :-( before it would be liek 14 bucks or 12 for like 3 cans. So I'm going to start using Krylon Fusion which for the same amount 6.50 I get almost twice the amount of spray paint just minus all the cool metallic etc :-(

But in the long run its cheaper. I'll still get tamiya just in colors that Krylon doesn't have. I.E look at Strike Freedom I did the black is Krylon Fusion the Gold is Tamiya Gold paint. So right now im kinda getting my paints up.

A Good store to go to is Micheals/JoAnn's/AC Moore. Why? Well if you sign up to there twitter and there mailing list they always have good coupons. Sometimes 40% off one item and sometimes 50% off so I can use that towards my spray paints and save!

So anywho right now all I have is Black Krylon Fusion so I'm gonna start on Seravee since most of him is black and white and a bit of like dark/navy blue which ill just make sure I really really clean up once its finish being snipped.

Next Big Update
Anime Con's
Well with my not really money problems but just the way I want to allocate my funds so I can do more things plan lol
I think im going to skip Katsucon this year why? Well last year I went to a bunch of con's to kinda feel out which ones the best. Right now its Otakon/Katsucon/NYAF/Zenkaikon/Game Expo. WIth Otakon being the best well I think im going to save up and make big purchases there. And when I go to Otakon I spend 3 days so I have to pay for hotel and food for three days and the ticket and I want to at least (maybe im dreaming) bring 1000 dollars for the whole trip maybe 800 (i might be dreaming lol and I probally won't spend all of it either) Anywho im gonna save save save. So last kit I might buy is MG Astray Red depending on its release date. But I figure by the time I get to the con all my kits should be done at home and ill have a list of what I want to get and I can just get them from there. AND I think im going to aim for a Perfect Grade, I'm hoping they have PG Astray Red (love the swords)

I think thats it look forward to more videos and updates on the blog im back in action!

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