Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 weeks (or so) till Katsucon!

Zomg WTF BBQ!!!!

First off I think im going to contiue my list. And it seems as if everytime I spend time on the net my list gets bigger. I am on a tight budget so I need to make sure I don't keep adding things lol
But I will post my list on here for two reasons for everyone to see (of course) and because I will be blogging when possible thru my Lg Dare the day of the event when I can. As of right now blogspot is being really stupid with sending pics through my Lg Dare so hopefully I will be able to post pictures. So ill have my 10mp kodak and my 3.2 mp Lg Dare which should make for some nice pictures. On to the list! Anime Blu Rays - Anything Cheap of course but I mainly want DieBuster/Gunbuster Bluray

  • Anime Figures - Main people im looking for are : NoNo, Haruhi Suzimiya, and Haro

  • Gundam Model Kits- Any 1/60 1/100 lots of 1/144 gundams nothing in particular anything from the SEED Series, Double 0 and G Gundam or Gundam Wing.

  • Gundam Markers! - All colors if I can get as much as I want cheaply

  • Gundam Action - Base Nuff Said!

  • Carrier Bag - My friend Vernon has a Jin Carrier bag its like 30 bucks I don't know if I can get it but if I can I want it. If not the Jin (Samurai Champloo) bag there is a Field of Katanas Bag from Champloo that looks sweet too so we will see. Pics of the bags:

So thats about all I can think of for the time being. I will also be buying alot of Japanese snacks heres to hoping they have lots of pocky!

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