Thursday, January 22, 2009

Future Projects

I haven't done that much with HTML editing in awhile. I mostly in Contribute here are work for the work website, so soon ill be getting back into the swing of things. As far as Gundam well here is a list of what im after:
Gundam 00 Exia 1/100

Gundam 00 Kyrios (or Arios when it comes out)

Gundam Seed Red Astray

Gundam Seed Blue Astray

Gundam Seed Sword Impulse Gundam

All Images were taking from Htttp:// Which is a great site by the way for just lining your Gundams and you can see what it looks like with out paint. Me personally I don't have the time to paint them so most if not all my models will just be lined and probally make use of Gundam Markers.

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