Friday, January 23, 2009

Katsucon & Other Related Anime Stuff

So im cruising around the internet and I swing past and find this:

Nani? Die Buster 2 on blu ray? Omg only 28.99 I so want this. And on top of that I see that they have Gun Buster the movie on blu ray and a extended box set. So I think im going to try and grab those if not from Amazon at Katsucon this Feb. I only will be going for 1 day so hopefully I can get enough. I'm planning on going with 200 bucks for Gundam Models and Maybe the 2 GunBuster Blu Rays. So im thinking man Gundam Models I wonder if they have anything for GunBuster so I did a little googling and found these:

Ok So yea thats gonna add onto my list of things to look for @ Katsucon. Im also gonna give a list to my cousin so he can grip me up somethings seeing how hes going for all three days and hotel I'm just doing a road trip there for the day. Man looking at NoNo makes me want to post some vids on my youtube I think i will do that.

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