Friday, January 30, 2009

1 Gundam Seed:Gundam AstrayRed FrameModel Kit1/100 Scale#10 $19.74 1 Gundam 00: Gundam 00 /Double ZeroModel Kit1/100 Scale#11 $27.99 Subtotal: $47.73 Shipping: $8.82* Tax: $0.00

Total: $56.55

W00t now the waiting game. Hopefully when I go to Katsucon in 2 weeks they will have some gundam markers and ill check my local store for the spray paint. Im so psyched I think im going to panel line Red Astray and Spray Paint. I'm not sure at this point though. If anything when I do go to Katsucon I can hopefully find some Gundam Markers and maybe a couple more models. I'm looking for some 1/144 (since they will be cheaper) I'll keep posting when I get the models in and I will posting like a photo n00b when Katsucon comes.

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