Monday, November 30, 2009

Update Tizzle

Ok I really hate updating my blog without some sort of picture so here is a totally not perfect pic
w00t 0 Gundam I know I know, I took this and it was kinda blurry but at least its something! I painted the blue Metallic Blue and thats about it. I'm gonna panel line this guy and try to clean him up as much as possible. I'm really not feeling 1/144's as much as I was before I dunno if I was just really lazy or what but I think this one might be my last 1/144, although I really want Ribbons Gundam. I also stopped liking SD kits as well but I might grab Strike Freedom to match my Destiny Gundam.

Quick Rant on the 00 Raiser PG I'm not really feeling the 0 Raisers Extras, and im still not really feeling the kit itself. I really do agree with ZversusZ, on the premise of them splitting the kit in two. If they ever did that I would probally buy 00 PG first lol But as far as PG's go I still would like to get maybe Astray Red seeing how thats my fav PG at the moment. I would also like 1/60 Freedom ^_^

Now Black Friday is over I can focus a bit more on my kits, I made out pretty good this Black Friday. Gripped Some Blu Rays (Spiderman 3/Matrix for 12 bucks and Xmen Orgins Wolverine for 9.99) Gripped Borderlands and Uncharted 2 and got some component cables for my wii ^_^ Good times now I'm gonna try and finish some kits and some games mop up some anime and wait till Katsucon 16, which is in FEB I believe. Hopefully I can get all my kits done by then >_< I still need some paint so I will try to hit up hobby town in two weeks and try to grip somethings, I still havent heard from them with the whole contest thing I won. If I win nationally I can get a 500 dollar gift card to HobbyTownUSA hopefully that can buy me a airbrush kit and some more paint :-)

My Wife makes Themed cakes now (Gonna make her a website soon) so my question of the day is can I buy a airbrush kit for my gundams and just buy a different kit (not compressor but the part the paint goes in) for her to use to spray her cakes? Or should I just buy two air brush kits?


  1. took you long enough, 0-gundam is super small even for a HG kit but i love mine, its so simple yet awesome. I decided not to get the PG 00 too, ill just wait for the MG like i did with Exia.

  2. Yea I will defintely grab the MG for it. I'll just have a section in my case for MG's right now I still need Cherudim to finish the 00 Season two Gundams

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