Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick Rant

With all these sites throwing up PG 00 Raiser I can't help to think I would want it but man that price tag is a little up there. Correct me if Im wrong but wouldn't it translate into 400 something USD? Granted your getting this huge kit with alot of pieces but 400 though?

I love 00 Raiser, regardless of my situation as far as having kids bills etc I would love one but I just can't justify that much money for something that ultimately would just sit in my display case. I am still trying to bring myself to buy a PG Astray Red Frame because that kit looks so sexy. Anywho whats your thoughts on buying PG 00 Raiser? Is it worth the price tag? Will anyone be getting it?


  1. you know MY thoughts on it and i feel exactly the same way you do with this entire post... the more i see it the more its growing on me though i was hoping they wouldve released a stand alone 00 gundam PG later on cuz it looks great on its own IMHO but hey what can we do... it looks like once that kit hits the states, demand for it would be so fucking high up there, and not to mention these shop owners might charge it for nearly $400 anyway considering how much it cost them to ship it over PLUS taxes they charge us... i would totally love a PG 00 raiser eventually but now just doesnt seem to be the right time

  2. Yea if it was seperate then I wouldnt mind payign liek 150-200 for 00 and maybe 80 or so for just the 0 Raiser. Its a great kit but I know for me at least its not worth the price tag. Like i said above I can rationalize paying 150-200 for PG Astray but almost 400 for a kit ... thats a car payment