Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Man im tired. Couple more days till Zenkaikon... I alreayd brought my tickets so I will be there! Looks like Mg Force Impulse won the polls thats pretty nice!
So ill look for Force Impulse or a Eva Kit (I want 00 or Type F) and what other little things I can get.

Zenkaikon website updated with schedule and maps etc its shaping up to look pretty nice. Hopefully I will have the camera with me and ill take tons of vids! I almost have my full 1000 in Borderlands that game is so fun. I also have to finish MagnaCarta 2. Umm what else I hopefully can buy some paint soon to finish up my kits >_>

Thas about it for a update though stay toon for Zenkaikon goodness!

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  1. You gonna be @ NerdZaiKon?? O werd? I'll probably be there too, hit me up mang!