Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As you can see the review for Zenkaikon they had NOTHING to buy! At least what I wanted. They had no Force Impulse :-( So I think im going to save up for it and when Katsucon Rolls around ill be ready to buy ^_^

ATM im sick so I haven't been making that many updates or anything gunpla just alot of sleep and TLC. Black Friday is rolling around so I got somethings I need to pay for then. So I won't be buying any new gunpla until probally FEB because of Katsucon. So for now I think ill move the poll above to the right or if I can just throw in a new poll to see who wants to see which gunpla get built next. I need to grip some more paints too which hopefully I can do by this weekend.

I think thats it for my update I will be upping more videos from Zenkaikon all this week so stay tuned!

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