Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gundam Wednesday!

Just tracked my order and guess whats coming tommorrow!
Yup my two gundams! I am now on the fence on rather or not I want to panel line both or just
spray paint both or panel line one and spray one. I looked around on line and the spray paint I want is 6 bucks a can. I think ill try home depot later on today or tommorrow and see if I can find some plastic spray paint. I went to Walmart last night and while they had some it wasn't any colors I really wanted. I didnt order any gundam markers, and I just figured I would wait till Katsucon to see if I could buy any there. Even though I'm not going all three days my cousin is and I can easily just call him and have him pick me up a pack of gundam markers if it looks like they will be gone when I get there on saturday.
I'm so pissed blogspot mobile blogging is acting so stupid I can't blog from my phone. So I will have my pics up Sunday but if not Sunday then definitely on Monday.

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