Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hmm been kinda busy last couple days at work so just a little update.
ToDo List:

Panel Lining
Ok so almost all my kits need some extra panel lining. I just finished Gadessa and boy does she look good. Next will probally be MG Destiny Wings are OK but the Gundam itself is a bit lacking in the lining department but still looks good.

Ok so right now Astray is wondering why I haven't started him yet lol I actually looked over the kit on the weekend to try and plan my next move. I have like 5 runners that needed to be sprayed blue so hopefully ummm friday or saturday? Then I have to find a place to put the kit as well.

Some of my kits need some touch up paint like Arios and Gadessa's escape pod. So I will try to do those as well.

I plan on making one for Arios and a quick one for my Gadessa more or less a update with the new panel lining. If it will be just a slide show I'm not sure. And I will be getting a special package hopefully tomorrow and ill do a video on that once it gets in.

So thats my work in progress for everything. Gunpla kinda slowed down last couple months mainly for me because all of the kits I want don't come out till June and me saving up for Otakon as well. I think I want to go as a ninja ^_^ I'm gonna get a headband and the kakashi mask and just wear that to Otakon lol I would have loved to wear some Sharrigan contacts but a bit too much and if I'm going as psuedo Kakashi I only need one lol. Well I remember awhile back I was going to make a gundam list for when I went to Otakon so I have been thinking and this is what I came up with.

MG Strike Freedom (Most Voted so far)
1/144 0 Gundam
1/100 Seravee
1/100 Cherudim
1/144 Garrazo
1/144 GN Archer
SD Force Impulse
MG Force Impulse
MG Wing Zero Custom
MG God Gundam

OK so its really in order of what I want the most. If I only walk out of otakon with just strike freedom I will be a very happy person lol but I know at Katsucon there wasn't that much there as far as the main Gundams. They had Infinite Justice MG but I didn't want it at the time but if they have it this go around I might grab it just for GP if I can't get anything else. I will leave with at least 1 kit lol if none of the stuff I want is there. Other than that here is a list of other stuff I'm gonna look for:

Figma Saber Lilly ^_^ 1 on my want list
Anything Gaogaigar
Anything Gunbuster preferably Nono
Anything Capcom Related (Megaman and SF4)
And of course anime related stuff

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