Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update because I can

Ok first thing I really like Ciaras new album. Granted its different than her other albums but I like it nontheless. I haven't listened to Epihiany by Chrisette Michele I loved her last album. Good thing I have a Zune Pass best 15 dollars a month I have ever spent.

I haven't Done Blue Astray yet. I am trying to figure out where to put him. I see that 0 Gundam comes out June. So hopefully I will be able to grab that up if I don't opt to just wait till Otakon. I gotta see how my funds are if I can get a Stand for Astray then maybe ill sit him somewhere on my computer or something.

Later on today I will try and make a new list of potential Gunpla I want based on whats coming out and whats already out. Then from there I can make my master list for Otakon as far as Gunpla. I think thats it after I do some training here from work I'll post up a list.

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