Monday, May 4, 2009

X-Men Orgins Woliverine Game & Movie Reivew

The Movie
I thought the story was good. I read the comics and most of it wasn't super wrong towards the story. DP was wall wrong but they did give him the Healing factor in the comic so I guess if they wanted to give more powers they could so w/e. I wish he was a smart talking as he was in the beginning. I thought the movie was good though I think they rushed it out. I didn't like how the claws CGI looks horrible I don't know what happen there I watched the end of Xmen 2 and 3 last night (just happen to be on cable) all of the wolverine fights/apperances the claws looked real. So I don't know what happen in this movie. Then they had like those cheesy moments in the movie with him walking off into the sunset lol and some of the 1 liners were cheesy. But hey its wolverine we got to see him slicing dudes up which was nice. I thought the intro was kinda nice with vic and james pwning in all the wars lol. Vic's cat like movies were nice too.

All in all I give the movie a 8 out of 10. They could have done better with the action seens and the CGI but, don't think its not worth seeing. Will I get the movie on Blu-Ray? probally not but I would get it on DVD unless they fix those problems with the CGI.

The Game

All I can say about the game is its awesome. Great gfx and you run around being wolverine. And what I mean by that is this:
You ever play a game and your this character that suppose to be so powerful and super cool but when u pop the game into your console and hit start they can't even do half of the things that you seen in the comcis/movies/anime?
Well have no fear in X-men Origins Wolverine you get to play just like he is in the comics. Slicing up dudes doing some brutal stuff claws pop out your ready for action. Now I will say there is alot of moves and stuff but for some it might get repetitive so I will say its worth a rent if you like action games and worth a buy if your a wolverine fan and want to keep it. I personally want to get the full 1000 so ill probably end up playing it till I get it.

Gave the game a 9/10 alot to improve on but what they have is fantastic and definitely warrants the "movie game that doesn't suck"

I will make some youtube videos later you can check on my YouTube page later this week.

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