Monday, May 4, 2009

Update Worklog

OK so I finished Arios which is a nice kit. Having 00 and Arios next to each other is making me want to get Seravee and Cherudim so bad. I already have a pose I want to do for all 4 of them. So all thats left in my WIP right now is my Astray Blue which I will try and start sometime this week. I will need to spray paint the blue areas all Metallic Blue. Good thing I reupped on some paint couple weeks back so im good for that. I gotta take a look at the kit's runners and see how much painting needs to be done. And when Astray is completed I will save save save as I am saving now lol Otakon is coming up in 2 months so I'm looking forward to buying some new gunpla. So far seems like Strike Freedom MG is a shoe in looking at the polls. And around June or so 0 Gundam and Exia R2 is coming out so I will try to either buy them before Otakon or hope they have it there. My collection is getting super big I think I have to rethink the shelf and maybe go get that display case lol. But thats another time though. Right now I'm in saving mode! I think thats it as far as a update though. Thnx for reading

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