Friday, May 1, 2009

100 Posts !!!

Wow my 100th post small feat to some but to me really nice. You know I would have loved to have posted something super uber but nothing really going on right now. Hopefully this Sunday I will be able to start on Arios. After looking at the kit Arios only has like 5 trees and most of the stuff on his is pretty big. Doesn't look all that hard to put him together. I just want to make sure he looks the part. I was thinking of coloring the yellow parts gold but It might not look right. I don't think I will be spraying any part of him either. So ill just assemble him panel line and see how he looks.
Wolverine comes out today I already have my tickets ^_^ I will post up a quick impressions probally sunday. Next week should be wide open and hopefully I will have my 60K achievement points and I will lay off the 360 for awhile or at least just try to beat Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. That game is so fun, have I mentioned it? Anywho I think thats about it.


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