Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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OK first of all I got my package today and I will try my best to make a unboxing video when I get home. I will say its not Gunpla related.
360 has some new games I'm really interested in and might take up my time so thats probally going to push me to make my Astray Blue this weekend or at least paint. The painting part is the part that takes so much time I usually try to let the paint dry for a hour. I don't think I have to but just in case. Everyone should know I have been playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 which is so hot btw I am currently Shinn Asuka Piloting Destiny Gundam @ lvl 44 I believe. As soon as I get lvl 50 and my achivement pops ill go after the other achivements. Its really fun and adds alot more onto the game on top of the other title. The new games I'm currently looking at is:

Sacred 2 (looks so hot haven't had my fix of hack and slash since Too Human which was so good btw)
Raiden Fighters Aces (shoot em ups or shumps great game Raiden pwns)
Bionic Commando (Comes out next week looking forward to this since I heard it come out I have the XBLA remake too so hot)

So after Astray Blue gets made I'm looking to play these games to pass time until Otakon. Which is approaching so fast

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