Friday, October 2, 2009

EVA Kit!!!

Ok so after seeing my good friend KnowOne( make his Eva kit which is still in process of being built I started taking some interest in EVA kits. I always loved eva heck I named my first born after Rei. So I was going to get Eva 01 Type F or as I call him or I guess her.... anywho I was gonna get the revoltech one from AYAF but it was either that which kinda stood @ I guess a 1/144 or the 1/100 Seravee. We all know what I choose lol but I was looking around and saw this at GSAM.

Pic is kinda small but I just saw a review of it and man that thing is kinda big, bigger than I thought it would be. In hind sight I love the kit but im not too sure how im going to do it because the colors are kinda specific. So im on the fence on getting it, but man I would love to get this kit. Its going in my next poll I am looking for dygengar as well but who knows. I want to try some different kits besides Bandai. Well just a couple thoughts, I leave work soon so when I get home I can hopefully finish the robot part of Strike Freedom and the wings on the weekend

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