Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ok So

I didn't notice how much I said that in my roughtly 16 Building Strike Freedom Videos. Anywho thats it. Hope you guys learned something form me building it. I think ill upload 3 more videos 1 with the finished guns and another one with a full 360 view of the kit and a quick review/mythoughts on the kit and then ill be on to my other kits.

I set the poll above so long ago but I think I set it with the mindframe I was buying gunpla at Zenkaikon in Nov. If they have gunpla ill try to buy the MG Force Impulse if it wins. I still have a big WIP ahead of me so I will slow down on buying kits. I do however would like a EVA kit so if they have one of those ill grab one too :-)

For w/e reason hobby town upped the prices for there Tamiya paints so unless I can find a good online distro ill have to figure out what im going to do. They went from 3 bucks a can to 6 bucks which is outrageous considering I brought the Fusion can for 6 bucks and it was almost twice the size. I gotta google Krylon Fusion and see if I can look at what colors they offer. The black on Strike Freedom came out excellent.

Heres a Updated list of Kits I want and my current WIP:

1/144 0 Gundam
MG Ignition Mode Exia
MG God Gundam
NG 1/100 Seravee Gundam

Eva Unit 01 Type F
Eva Unit 2 & 0 (blue or yellow)
MG Force Impulse
MG Hyaku Shiki (Gold Plated Version, Maybe)
1/144 Dygengar Kotobukiya

Thats all I can think of for the time being 2010 almost around the corner, will be waiting for Gundam Unicorn, and 00 movie to come out. Hopefully some new kits will arise around then.

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