Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dec 24th? More like 22nd

Ok so here is my big surprise. Maybe more or less suprise for me.
But I was waiting till the 24 till I had some extra money but things went my way
and I got my monies abit early. I ordered this :

And This

My First Resin Conversion Kit and my First Kotobukiya Kit from the good guys at Tatsu Hobby(link on right)! I'm so salty for not noticing that Rockman was on backorder but now that I think about it doesn't matter. I'm still working on my EVA 00. Afterward I'm thinking of working on my HG Destroy Mode unicorn with stand. After that I'll probablly work on my Force Impulse. I say probably because I want to start on the kits for Otakon ^_-. At this point only other kit I see myself buying is Unicorn Master Grade and a whole lot of supplies. I might be buying a Airbrush but if I do and money permits it probally won't be until the end of the month. I saw a nice air compressor at the hardware store for 60 and the air brush is 60 x2 (one for kits and one for cakes) so I'm going to wait before I go spending that much. I think thats it for this little update stay tuned for more with HG EVA 00. Hopefully sometime this weekend I can get some more of it done ^_^,

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