Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok so I finished Reborns I just need to finish up on the whole panel lining and Clear Red the Saber. And ill be done.
I will be working on Eva Unit 00 Next and ill make a video for Reborns sometime this week. I been trying to hold off on buying any kits but I accidently brought one (not really by accident) Heres my Order from GSAM :

Gundam Marker Fine Point Black
Gundam Marker Gold
Gundam Marker Grey Fine Point (i forgot to take this off I think its NOT Fine Point)
RX-78-2 O.Y.W. Anime Color (Special Clear Armor Parts) Master Grade
HG Sparkle Red and Aque Blue Action Bases

I'm gonna try and run to Micheals with my 40% coupon and grab some Micron pen's for my Destroy mode unicorn as well.

I think thats about it for my update though, I also wanted to ask you guys do anyone use pencils for panel lining? If so which ones?

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