Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perfect Grade /Rant or something

Hmm I just spend some cash on some new kits or so and I know im running out of space for my kits. I soon will be buying another Detolf from IKEA and rearranging something’s in the "Man Cave" to accommodate the new kits. But after I fill up that other Detolf I might take abreak from Gunpla. And my last kit that I want to do most likely will be a perfect grade.
So far these are the three I want well one of the three, and what I think about them.
PG 00 Raiser
I have seen some sick version’s this kit and it looks like a good bang for my buck around 250-300 for the Raiser and 00 not that bad. But the Price of the actual kit is whats making me kinda stray away from it. Yea a big bang would be whats up I just spend 300 on my last Gundam but I just can’t bring myself to do it lol maybe if it gets lower?
PG Strike Gundam
Hmm cheap kit GSAM sells for 150 not bad I might buy this one but as everyone knows I don’t like the guns so ill probally end up with the big sword which is nice and I like the design of the kit. But you know it kinda seems a bit simple for a pg maybe im looking at it wrong?
PG Astray Red Frame
Drools this has what I want… SWORDS most likely this will be the one I get. I Have the NG version and would love to get the MG version but right now I’m going to wait. I might go with this one not much bad I can say about the kit thought. Has everything I want.
As far as PG Strike Freedom umm I love Strike but I have the MG and im not super hype about the PG version. If I can find it cheap maybe just maybe ill get the RX-78 but its meh right now. I also kinda like Wing but it wasn’t enough in the kit that made me want it, for all that ill just get the Master Grade. If I find any of those PG’s at a good price I think ill nab one. Not saying ill never do Gunpla again but ill probally take a break and devote my time to something else like learning Japanese  for now though I got a nice WIP and I only see myself buying maybe 3 more kits (yea I know I always say that) but I only really want MG Unicorn, Hi Nu, Wing Gundam and this baby if I can ever find it in stock:
Is that too much to ask? Lol /rant

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