Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eva 00 WIP PT 2

HG Eva 00
Ok one thing I absolutely hate and like about this kit is how High Grade it is lol
Come on you guys know what im talking about:
Nice parts but whats this? They are all grey but take a look at the manual:
(I'll go from left to right)
1. First of all the Lance of Longenoius(too lazy to get correct spelling)
Its Grey but in the picture its clearly Red.
2.Next pic the entry plug is white and grey looks cool but I get a black entry plug...
3.The Head looks nothing like that lol the white circle is blue the back half of the head
which shows up white is blue and they give you a sticker... I'm not using it.
4. The little picture with all the weapons ugh looks nice but all grey even the shield being black in the picture is all grey.
5. Taking a look at the Color Guide in the middle the spine area is NOT grey they are like black
and the like place where your umm adams apple (?) would be the red part is like a dark red and im pretty sure the middle piece is not red.
6. under that the actual plug for power is black and the foot is like grey on the bottom but
in reality is like red black and blue (???)
7. Back into the color guide the grey chest pieces are blue but they do give stickers which I won' t use smh

So wow I don't remember NONE of my high grades being this dificult to color. I think I'm going to using a mixture of spray painting and hand brushing and priming to get the results I want. Its really crazy its like the size of a 1/100 the colors of a First Grade but some movability of a High Grade. I dunno if I'm going to buy another EVA kit lol I will try out the newer ones though Asuka's Unit looks nice and maybe Shinji's just to have the whole family but thats a big if because they are expensive.

I mentioned before the Hate in this kit and now ill mention the like. Its really going to help me with detailing and perfecting my brushing and testing things out. So in that aspect I kinda don't mind. I love Evangalion and Rei and 00 so I will stick with this kit. But I just wanted to warn you guys you really need to know whats ahead.

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