Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Panel Line Wash & Update

Ok so I think I want to step it up a bit and maybe its just for the sake of being lazy or finishing my Gunpla faster but I think I'm going to start Panel Line Washing.
I went and picked up these last night :
Now I just need to pick up some Black/Light Grey and I will try it out on Unicorn HG most likely. I'm still waiting for my packages to test out somethings to finish up Reborns so stay tuned.

Next Month I want to order the Resin Conversion for Kshatriya and maybe a couple more bits for my kits I want to enter into the Competition for next year's Otakon.

I think tonite I will start working on Eva 00 should be fun. And I need to swing by Micheals and pick up some more brushes maybe and some Oil Paint ^_^ Stay Tuned.

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