Thursday, January 6, 2011

EVA 00 Done

Great Kit but its a HG don't let the size fool you. There was alot to I had to
paint and do to get this kit the way I wanted it. All the weapons were Grey smh
lots of stuff that could have been another color wasn't lol. The Rubber on the
arms were really weird and paint rubbed off here and there. It was worth getting
and a nice change of pace but just know what your getting yourself into. I think
most people if you have a option pass and get the 2007 kits, this one was the 2003 one
or the oldest of the series I suppose. The newest kits from the new movie remakes
seem like they are a bit bette imo from reviews I seen online.

Click album of the kit

I really didnt do that many pictures but I'm pretty sure ill take some more later.

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