Monday, January 17, 2011

SlideShow & Impresions

Just a quick slide show of the whole thing put together:

It came out extremly well and I'm so happy I had it done before MvC3 came out. I couldn't install the new joystick becaue the plate on the old one wouldn't come off and I ended up stripping the screws. So I think ill buy a new plate if I can find one and install the other stick later.

I really had fun putting it together from designing the artwork in Photoshop to assembling it all. I think if I can find another SE stick I most definitely buy it or look for a TE stick. Seems like the TE sticks have a kinda plexiglass thing on top of the artwork and you just unscrew that and its easier to switch artwork back and forth. ^_^ Can't wait for MvC3 now

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