Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update of Things

First of all I probably won't be updating the blog the next couple days. I
had a death in the family and I have to tend to the family so I'm going to put
pretty much everything on hold till thats taken care of.

Just a quick Run down of my Works in progress when I come back:

HG Unicorn Destroy Mode :
Next Kit I'm thinking of doing. I need a couple supplies first. Which Include
the new Micron Fine Point Marker set. I only want it for its .005 Red Pen that I will
use to do the panel linig. I need to examine and plan how I'm going to paint the Unicorn stand as well.

Kotobukiya RockMan
I will build this guy sometime in the very very near futre I think I really want to maybe try hiding seem lines with him dunno just yet but its a pretty straight forward build.

MG Master Gundam
Not much special going on here just need to build and paint maybe ill do him after Unicorn Destroy Mode.

1/60 Force Impulse Real Detail
This Kit I was going to just build to have a 1/60 kit but everyone on the net who has one pretty much just does the kit. So I want to add a bit more detail and experiment with somethings. I want to test Scribing the most ^_^ And I also want to add decals from Samuel Decal.

HG Kshatriya & Conversion Kit
This I think ill slowly work on. I need to buy the spray paint for the color scheme. I'm going with a dark green/light green/Black kinda like whats on the box. I want to order some decals from Samuel Decal as well and when I do that I plan on ordering a bunch of decals so thats gona be a 30 dollar order probally.

MG Sinanju
I have to take a look of whats in the box but this will be a pretty easy build. I don't really want to do much to it but the regular extra details, decals and such. I wanted to buy the Conversion kit but It really didn't have much of anything worth buying in the Conversion so I'm skiping it lol. I will take a couple looks at some other Sinanjus for inspriation but not much to add to a already awesome kit

I really want to knock this one out but I'm determined to fine the Evolve Conversion kit lol so I will put that on the back burner till I can find one or finish the other kits.

With Katsucon Coming up I only see myself buying MG Unicorn with or without cage depending on price. I don't really see anything but cool factor with the cage. I want the cage but kinda on the fence. I know I will buy one version so kinda up for grabs i suppose. I'm trying not to buy any more HG's or SD's but man its kinda hard Vektar's SD 0 Gundam got me drooling lol and that SD Sinanju looks really good and not to even mention the SD Unicorn. Nothing else reall catches my eye model kit wise. I will say I'm looking forward to this non gundam related item :

I think thats about it thanks for reading I would have loved to add more than just text to this post but I am really busy. Thanks for reading if you did though lol See you back on Mon 24th.

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