Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a slight interuption

Ok so last week I took the family to Wildwood NJ and had so much fun. I did a little tape on the beach looking for gundams etc lol There is actually a toy store on the other end of the pier and I went there they have lots of Marvel Comic stuff collectors stuff figured I would go look to see if there was any Gundams and the store was closed when I got there (Pwned) So nothing there Sunday I went out to eat with the Familiy and my mom and grandma so Sunday was occupied. Yesterday I had to work late so yea thats gone. So when I got home I was tired and ended up playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I love that game so much, I cleared Official mode with 1 char now I'm going through Mission mode Shinn Asuka and Destiny Gundam are a beast I think I'm gonna max out the Suit/Pilot first game is mad fun if you like Dynasty Warriors games. So in short I haven't had time to touch my Gundams. I will try to set aside some time though. ^_^

PS Wolverine this weekend!!!!1one

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