Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok so I been really really busy and I was faced with a choice to do 1 of 2 things.
Either keep updating my youtube/blog and have less time building gunpla.
Or Build Gunpla and have less time updating....

lol we know which one I picked.

I'm working on Mg Exia I just cut out almost all the parts for the inner frame, and de nubbed them. I also cut out some of the blue areas as well and I will start painting them sometime this week.
Exia has alot of inner parts so thats whats kinda taking awhile. I picked up some more Gunmetal and got some Light gunmetal for the swords etc.

I might have gotten my wife to hook me up with a airbrush kit since she does Specialty cakes and wants us to start using it to hook up the cakes :-) so soon as I work that out ill probally be air brushing soon.

If not May then June I will be getting the Kshatriya Conversion kit. I emailed the company and they explained that its a different type of resin I probally won't need to do anything to it and it snaps right onto the kit so if anything I might need some glue but I probally won't. So I think after MG Exia I'm gonna do Reborns. And hopefully knock out Master Asia waiting for the Conversion kit. This Sat I'm going to be ordering my Tickets for Otakon too so here is a quick list of Otakon wants gunpla wise:

MG Sinanju
MG Unicorn Regular or OVA (depending on price)
MG Unicorn MS + Cage
HG Unicorn Destroy Mode
SD Unicorn

I think thats all I really want lol I'm all unicorn crazy. I won't get all of them at Otakon but I might get 2 unicorns MG's depending on price. Maybe do Banshee Conversion? And I don't think ill be doing any more kits for awhile until all of those are finished. Oh and I keep forgetting I have 1/60 Force Impulse which I want to order some more decals for. So my last couple of projects I want to really fix them up nicely. Then I want to go over my older kits and apply decals or fix paint etc. So Stay tuned!!!

Quick Edit:
I put the poll up there because atm I am really digging MG's and when I started I wasn't too confident so I have a couple NG 1/100's I would like to spruce up and clean etc and sell so I have a reason to buy there MG Counter parts. Like NG Blue & Red Astray probally my NG 00 seeing how I read somewhere they might be making a MG 00 Raiser. So if I get enough votes then I will start up somewhere I can sell my kits for the sole purpose of buying there Mg counterparts.

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