Monday, April 12, 2010


Ok for some reason the stupid Youtube won't process my Mt2S files anymore?
So I'm working on converting the files and then I will update my youtube.
I didnt Know that it wasnt working until like yesterday when I was out and
I checked my youtube on my DROID and it had the error message. So in the meantime
I will show some pics of my progress Its like 90% done. I have to finish detailing
the Bazooka and Clip holders and I have to buy some decals but atm I won't be
buying any decals until maybe May.Once I finish up the Bazooka I think I'm gonna just
leave it as is and not coat it. I was going to do a panel line wash but the kit
looks really excellent without the lines. You tell me once I post the pictures.

Oh and I got somethings coming in the mail. I told some people so those people
don't tell anyone lol I will make it a surprise :-)

Oh and I think once I finish up Unicorn I'm gonna start on Exia!

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